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    Yo, how's everyone? I decided to make a short little story taking place in the movieverse post ROTF. I based the climax off an idea I had for the third film, and there are some pretty big references to Beast Machines in here.

    Drones appear here, and are based off of the drones in the ROTF video games. Combaticons, Seeker Snipers, and Stunticons appear here. Look them up on TF Wiki. Though I might be off with the Stunticons...

    Anyway, enjoy or not.


    Ironhide and Sideswipe were not having the best of luck lately.

    First, the Decepticons were beginning to pop up again.

    Second, with the humans now aware of their race after The Fallen’s arrival two years ago, humanity was less than pleased with them.

    Third, Director Galloway was so desperate to de-activate NEST that he used the smallest not-going-by-the-book-incident as an argument to his cause. While the human had been less than successful, he wouldn’t give up the ghost anytime soon.

    Finally, he, Prime and Sideswipe weren’t exactly having the best luck containing the Decepticon attack in New York City right now.

    A currently unnamed Decepticon had led hordes and hordes of drones, ranging from Combaticons to Seeker Snipers, and Stunticons. Thankfully, none of these drones could combine like the Constructicons, but in these huge numbers they were still a problem.

    There must be hundreds of them here, Ironhide thought as he swatted a Seeker Sniper down. Hope ‘Swipe is having better luck.


    In the deserted Times Square, Sideswipe had fought off dozens of drones since arrival in this city, and the battle had taken a toll on them. Bludgeon must be a tactical genius, he thought. He knows that even though the drones weren’t intelligent, huge numbers would eventually wear the Autobots down one by one. Only Prime could last longer than he and Ironhide, Sideswipe thought.

    Sideswipe’s blades remained sharp, but had dried Energon stained all over, and circuits from the drones littered the ground alongside the corpses. Sideswipe took advantage of the short break he was having now, with the drones still approaching, but too far to attack.

    A dark helicopter, similar to the Autobot Springer who was currently stationed elsewhere, descended in front of him and shifted shape. Sideswipe’s optics narrowed.


    It was indeed Obsidian, who led the Combaticon drones, and one of Megatron’s top generals during the war for Cybertron in the past.

    “Sideswipe, my friend. I was afraid you would have been terminated before I faced you. Autobots fall so easily on any normal occasion… but I am pleased to see you here… looking pathetic as always.”

    “You fell in the battle for Tyger Pax… not an easy victory, but you fell nonetheless…” Sideswipe hissed angrily, hoping to buy some time while he called Ironhide for assistance through silent transmissions.

    “I do not fall as easily as you foolish Autobots believe,” Obsidian sneered. “When Lord Megatron fell during battle on this planet some five cycles ago, his loyal surviving followers returned to Cybertron. They needed Generals to command the drone armies after Dreadwing’s demise, and I fit the bill. I had been in hiding, on a dead planet, with no one to serve. Soundwave and The Fallen’s servants gave me purpose. And I intend to carry out my orders to the utmost fullest.”

    “One or one hundred…” Sideswipe heaved his battered body off the ground, “… You aren’t taking this city.”

    Obsidian deployed helicopter blades from his rotors and held them like axes. “Now… it’s your turn, Autobot Sideswipe. You will be remembered as not only an Autobot who fell to me, but as a fierce warrior in Cybertron’s history… Autobot trash, but history nonetheless.”

    Ironhide at that moment rammed into Obsidian, transformed in the blink of an eye, and knocked the Decepticon general into the ground. He ran to help Sideswipe up, and said, “If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed about you, Obsidian, it’s your inane rambling and your mindless loyalty to the highest bidder.”

    “My loyalty is to Cybertron, Ironhide. Megatron, and his deceased master are Cybertron, thus I serve them.”

    “If you are loyal to everyone, Obsidian… can you really be loyal to anybody?” Ironhide asked.

    This gave Obsidian pause.

    “Allow me to carry out a second order – terminate you, Ironhide. The loss of Optimus Prime’s second in command and best friend will take a toll on his leadership.”

    “Not as long as Energon flows through my circuits…” Ironhide growled. He fired every available ounce of firepower he could muster. Obsidian was temporarily hurt from this barrage, but retaliated by hacking at the smaller Autobot with his blades. He then fired from his shoulder-mounted cannons.

    It was an equal duel until Obsidian called forth his drones. The Combaticons were mostly taken care of by this time, as were the Stunticons, but Sideswipe could still take them without collapsing of exhaustion. However, there were plenty of Seeker Snipers left, and they flocked like a horde of bats above Ironhide and Sideswipe.

    “Think you can handle this many and Obsidian?” Ironhide asked his comrade.
    “Well… might be one too many.” Sideswipe replied calmly.

    “Then that’ll have to be the one I take care of.” Ironhide said.

    “What? You’re fighting too?” Sideswipe calmly retorted.

    Ironhide smirked, and the battle was joined.

    The two Autobots threw everything they had against the drone army. The Combaticons soon were exterminated, and the Stunticons were the only remaining land-based drones left. The Seeker Snipers were largely unhurt, due to their aerial advantage.

    Soon, even Ironhide began to falter due to the sheer number of drones, and frustration and exhaustion. Obsidian wasn’t helping matters, and the General tore into Ironhide, who was loosing this battle.

    Soon, both Autobots were on the ground, nearly defeated and exhausted. Obsidian closed in, and prepared to land the killing blows.

    Something popped up on his internal radar…

    No! He couldn’t be here – he couldn’t! Yet he was picking up his signal, but he wasn’t technically close, He was at least a few hundred feet away.

    Shrugging, Obsidian assumed by the time he got here, Ironhide and Sideswipe would be offline and he will have escaped.

    But then the Seeker Snipers began to fly higher in the air, and despite their limited intelligence, looked almost panicked.

    Then a huge roaring came from above.

    It clicked into place.


    His vehicle mode's lights flickered on, and he rolled out of the C-17 into a freefall, just as his entrance in the Shanghai mission two cycles ago.

    He began to shift shape, his truck nose becoming his arms, his windows becoming his chest panels, his smokestacks becoming pipes on his shoulders, and his trailer hitch becoming his legs. Finally, his faceplate slid into place: Optimus Prime had joined the game.

    Greeting him were at least seven dozen Seeker Sniper drones, and Optimus smiled under his faceplate. He needed the exercise with the relative peace on the planet all this time.

    He unsheathed his Energon hooks he had used to terminate Grindor once before, and began hacking through the drones. When they began to fly away in fear, he got to whip out a weapon he hadn’t used once on Earth: chains shot out of his arms, and the hooks were revealed to be connected to the chains. More range, and more devastating effectiveness.

    He swung them as he would with normal Energon blades, and they caught onto a particularly large drone. Optimus pulled himself on top of it, and used the drone to kamikaze-style crash into a group of drones who had been flying close together. He continued swinging the hooks on a chain in midair, sending tons of drones’ corpses plummeting to the ground.

    When all drones were defeated, he retracted the hooks on the chains, and combined them into a massive blade, and aimed straight for Obsidian.

    Obsidian realized this too late, and Optimus drove the blade that was bigger than the Autobot Twins’ robot modes put together through the General’s chest.

    Obsidian crumbled to the ground, and accepted his defeat. Optimus walked to him, and prepared to kill the Decepticon General.

    “I do not mean to disrespect you, General Obsidian. Your victories in battle and your history of loyalty earn my respect. But I believe that you know it’s bad when you’re trying to shoot at a three-story high Cybertronian in midair and never get close.” Optimus chuckled, “But do not fear – I will ensure Ironhide, Sideswipe and myself never speak of that mistake.”

    Obsidian bowed his head, and closed his eyes as he went offline.


    Optimus walked over to his defeated comrades, and called for the C-17 to land to take them back to Diego Garcia. He was able to find some towing equipment, and similar to Bumblebee’s predicament in the first major battle on Earth, hauled both Ironhide and Sideswipe to the plane and secured them on board.

    “I am very proud of you tonight, my Autobots. You showed true skill in never allowing Obsidian victory here tonight.”

    “Prime… thank you…” Ironhide said with a weak smile on his face.

    Sideswipe nodded in agreement, “But it was you who felled Obsidian, Optimus…”

    Optimus smiled, “Perhaps that is what you saw Sideswipe, but that is not what I will tell the other members of NEST. It will gain you respect and admiration for defeating the Decepticon General Obsidian tonight, you two. I will leave you now, and I wish for your internal systems to repair you quickly, my warriors.”

    Optimus was about to leave the plane to board the other one, but Ironhide had one more thing to say.


    “Yes, Ironhide?”

    “That was a very badass drop there, boss.”

    The Autobot leader smiled.

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