New Transformer comic this fall

Discussion in 'Transformers News and Rumors' started by limabean, Jul 6, 2007.

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    What began as a humble mascot for Transformers auction website, TFAuctions, is about to explode into the worlds of Web and comics. Cougar, the roving robotic dealer in all things rare and perilous, is set for his own dedicated website and a monthly comic series, both of which will introduce Cougar (in full) and his all-new cast of characters.

    Cougar himself hit the Web a year or so back, co-created by Simon Furman, artist Guido Guidi and TFAuctions webmaster David Ravenscroft. He got an alt. mode, a full bio and now he’s got the lot, including arch nemesis Fenrir and (sort of) sidekick Kick-Start. Cougar’s official website is due to go live any time now, and the comic incarnation is set to hit in late 07 (with scripts by Simon Furman)

    also a side note issue 1 will have myself on colours icon-hotrod.gif, there are a lot of cool artists lined up a mixture of established guys and some newbies icon-hotrod.gif

    check here for the website
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    I'm really excited about this project. The lead villain Fenrir is my own design and creation so I've been involved with the artists as well as writing the character with Furman, which is a huge honor. Nice knowing someone else on TFW is working on it.

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