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    For Trade or sale m/o:

    ehobby Crosscut - With Box, scooter, sealed stickers, instructions and Guns. No missles. Mint, has been displayes but mint. looking for $65

    Japan exc. Tigertracks (yellow side swipe) Complete. Seales stickers and instructions, box. looking for $95

    g1 overdrive w/ dual laser c6 minor play wear some looseness
    g1 camshaft with one gun c6 minor playwear
    powedasher drill

    g1 inferno
    gi grapple
    g1 perceptor
    g1 sandstorm
    g1 pipes

    3 grapple/inferno fists
    1 inferno missle

    u.s. reissue ultra magnus almost complete (only 2 missles) no box or paper work
    looking for $30

    classics ultra magnus complete and mint looking for $15

    most wanted

    botcon thundecracker
    botcon Thrust
    botcon dirge
    botcon springer
    botcon huffer

    g1 wanted

    windcharger mint

    reflector's flash

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