New TF Club newsletter arriving-- details inside!

Discussion in 'Transformers News and Rumors' started by Beastbot X, Jul 26, 2008.

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    Got my Club newsletter in the mail today-- it's a pretty good one! I haven't read everything in detail yet, just skimmed through it, and it's a "fiction special". I'll post non-spoilery stuff first, and spoilery stuff will be posted later, marked, for those who don't want to know in advance:

    -Interview with Marty Isenberg
    -Seacons, Nightbeat should arrive by 1st of September at the latest (preorder module delay isn't delaying their actual shipping)
    -Artist Spotlight for Animated Wreck-Gar by Chad Porter
    -First part of "Dungeons & Dinobots", the continuation of the Shattered Universe, by Greg Sepelak and Trent Troop! Yup, looks like April Fools' Grimlock will be his official personality soon enough, folks...
    -Slag profile (for the Nightbeat comic)
    -Profiles for Minerva, Muzzle, Lug, and Quig
    -Transtech Cheetor Profile
    -Transtech Shockwave Profile
    -Transcendent Part 4 comic
    -Mini-Mayhem comic

    -Movie Armorhide is Shattered Glass Huffer.
    -Premiere (in comic form) of Transtech Prime!
    -And Transtech Starscream!
    -And Transtech NIGHTSCREAM!
    -And... some other Transtech dude that wasn't named. Looks a bit like Prowl.
    -Shockwave' profile mentioned the conclusion of the "Liege Maximo" incident, and Jhiaxus and Sentinel Prime as well... sounds like there's quite the history to be told here...

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