New Terminator and star trek toys w/reviews

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    Being that i'm a 30 year old collector. Some things are natural fits for me. Transformers and GI Joe fit into my lifetime. But also, growing up watching star trek and terminator, have me excited for those 2 movies as well.

    I never was a big fan of TOS until i was old enough to watch the movies. And of cousrse TNG was something i watched every week as new episodes came out. I'm fairly excited about the new movie but leave my head in the clouds. However, some of the toys have brought back some fond memories. I use to (sadly, as recently as about 2 years ago, let my mother throw them away) have all the original playmates figures, ships, and roleplaying sets. So when i saw the new ones, i gladly picked them up. Here's my 2 reviews of the new spock figures if you'd like to see

    old spock
    YouTube - Video review of the new 2009 Star Trek Movie; Original Spock

    new spock
    YouTube - Video Review of the new 2009 Star Trek Movie; Young Spock

    But also with the new direction of the terminator franchise, i again am excited about this summer. Like many fans i thought the ending to the first trilogy was terrible. My readings have shown that James Cameron for some time wanted to do a third movie, however his wife at the time, who also happened to be the famous mother of John Conner, herself. Demanded through the divorce process that the rights to the film be sold (i could have details messed up though). This kinda upset me since the third movie i thought was terribly done. So my instinct was to not be too excited about the new Salvation film. But having seen previews and such, i can say i'll happily be in line at my local movie theater. The toys, also by playmates have seemed to do a decent job. I again had many toys from the original T2 release. Sadly, all that's left of that collection is a t-800 endoskeleton, originally done by kenner. Here are my 2 reviews i've done on the new playmates figures

    YouTube - Video review of Terminator Salvation; T-600

    and the t- r.i.p.
    YouTube - Video review of Terminator Salvation; T-R.I.P.

    enoy :) 
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