2D Artwork: New take on Unicron (universe/movie?) Concept *WIP*

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    here is what I have so far, bear with though because it is only a rough sketch of the concept, so let me know what you think! and feel give some advice if you want too... not criticism though, but constructive advice.

    I See Unicron as being almost like a cross between like a horseshoe crab and the alien plague bats from Deadspace (or more like bigger looking *spore bats* if you play WoW). with kind of centipede like legs/spines projecting from his body all over. he will be cobalt greyish, blackish, dark-orangish, with some other colors.


    *update* clearer, yet distorted pics


    I will be working on some more detailed sketches as well, so bear with me and stay tuned. Also the scanner didn't pick up all of the detail, like my lighter pencil strokes... you will be able to see more detail when I go back over it and add detail and darken the main outlines


    Unicron Specs/Description

    I see him as having not 'real' "robot" and "planet" modes. rather he will have different modes for different purposes.

    Bat-like arms in one mode (with the bones in the wings being like the skeletal wings in the G1 ver). in this mode he will be rather spread out, and look kind-of like Iname, Death Aspect ([​IMG]) this is his 'normal' mode, and in this mode, his whole body will spead out to completely encompass a world, so he can absorb its energy. (working on sketch)

    his next mode will be more humanoid and be used for combat. his larger wings/legs/spines on his upper-body will merge to be (4?) arms and claws. in this mode he will look more serpentine, almost like a naga (from wow) or say a dark spiny snake warrior with arms

    Another mode will look a little more himonoid

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    I like the idea of different modes, can't wait to see the finished project!
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    Looks very interesting! :D 

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