New Sector Seven password and updates

Discussion in 'Transformers News and Rumors' started by El_Cucuy, Mar 6, 2007.

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    It seems an e-mail was sent to people on various TF forums who made their e-mail addresses public (myself included). If you did so, it's possible you've received an e-mail like the following:

    "From: Sector7Sucks []
    Subject: They must be stopped.

    You have been inside Sector Seven. Thanks to me.

    You've seen a glimpse of their secret agenda, but there is much, much more. Enough to fill every hard drive in China. It is imperative that these operations be exposed to the world. With every passing second, the chances for the survival of the human race steadily decline. The peoples of the Earth must know the truth.

    I believe this Dr. Howard may prove useful to the cause. Her research into NBETWO gives me some hope that we may have allies somewhere out there. Unfortunately, we have no way of locating or contacting them at present.

    I¹m afraid this cloak and dagger routine must continue for some time. For now, I ask only that you spread the word. They must change their ways. In the future, however, I may call on you to take more drastic measures. For those of you still loyal to Sector Seven, suck on it.

    X marks the spot."

    I've already tried replying, but it doesn't work. However, contained in the e-mail is a new password "NBETWO" (it's not case sensitive). After accessing the site with this new password, click the glowing yield sign to view another video of a somewhat-heated conversation between the now-familiar Dr. Rebecca Howard and Lt. Col. Alexander Powers. Clicking the glowing scorpion icon once again brings up a list of e-mails, the most recent of which, titled "RE: Agent X E-mail" talks about the website having some type of security breach. Also, if you click the third harddrive from the top on the left-hand side, new satellite images are viewable under the menu "Tiger Team Assets". They include shots of Navy operations in the Sea of Japan, a large city that may or may not be Los Angeles, and some type of military installation in North Korea. There is also a .pdf document titled "DOD TSAT INTERCEPTION PROGRAM" regarding how hacker-proof the Sector Seven site actually is. I'm really curious as to where this is all leading.
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