New Rescue Bots toys listed on Entertainment Earth

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    While looking for case assortments for some Movie toys, I found three new Rescue Bots listings... that might interest one or two people here.

    Elite/Megabots (transforming) Wave 4 (SEPT) - Quick Dig Boulder (no image yet - probably a bulldozer, with a similar oversized gimmick like the wave 3 Copter Crane Blades toy)

    Flip Racers (singles) Wave 2 (SEPT) - images and product listing suggests that this second wave is just a re-release of the first wave Optimus toy, and the three toys in the first wave "Griffin Rock Racing Team" 3-pack (Chase, Blurr, Sideswipe).

    The other first wave 3-pack of Flip Racers (Construction Team) is being re-released in Wave 2, with the Racing Team 3-pack (now being released as singles), replaced with a 3-pack called "Griffin Rock Stunt Team", featuring a new mold Boulder (offroad car), a new mold Heatwave (race car) and Quickshadow (car).

    Flip Racers (3-pack) Wave 2 (SEPT)
    - Griffin Rock Construction Team (re-release) - Boulder (bulldozer), Mortor (cement mixer), Salvage (dumptruck)
    - Griffin Rock Stunt Team (new team) - Quickshadow (grey car), Boulder (offroad car), Heatwave (red/white race car)

    Wave 2 3-packs.

    Wave 2 single packs.
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