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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by n_tel_ekt, Mar 4, 2009.

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    ARRRG! When is Peaugh's Video gonna be posted! I just saw it on youtube. And I almost shed a tear. The new Prime mold is more than I ever expected. Back during AEC days this thing would be unthinkable! The complexity boggles the mind! So much accuracy! So much... WIN!

    truck Mode:
    Wow, really nice looking truck. It looks alot more realistic! I like that the windshield is more angular. The way they filled in the back of the cab is awesome, as is the trailer hitch parts... I still cant get over how awesome it is that his waist is part of the hitch! And the way the legs transform.. And the Feet! Damn its so cool.

    Robot mode:
    Perfect!!! Transformation is just like the movie! And the silouettes of the toy and the movie design are almost perfect. The Mecch Alive nice the way the whole chest stuff moves! Im not sure how they can improve on this. For me, its likely the greatest TF mold ever created (cuz as you may know, complexity of transformation is what really gets me!)

    Peaugh's Vid.

    (Mods, if when the video pops up and this thread is redundant, feel free to delete... Also, Im not sure if its cool or not to post the link, so if its not, sorry, please delete)
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