New Godzilla Board Game Coming Out!!!

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    May 16, 2009
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    Monster Island News: A New Godzilla Board Game Is In The Early Development Stage

    It's Being Designed By Richard H. Berg...If You Don't Know Who He Is:

    Game Designer. 1975 to present. Known as The Pope of Wargaming. Over 115 published games. Winner, Industry Award for Best Game Design, 11 times; Awarded GAMA "Hall of Fame" for oeuvre, 1993; Awarded Charles Roberts Award for Lifetime Achievement in Simulation Design, 1990, and The Bloomgren/Hamilton Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2003.

    Sounds Like The Perfect Guy To Make A Godzilla War Game! Who Knows, If It Sells Well We Might Get Expansion Sets With New Monsters In The Future.

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