New Auctions: PCC Heavytread and more!

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    I'm back with a new round of auctions to start summer off strong. Watch my listings as I will be auctioning off several TF and non-TF items from my personal collection over the next several weeks, including video games and other goodies. Each of my TFs are loose but 100% mint and complete. Onto the show...

    First up, Power Core Combiners Heavytread with Groundspike,
    Transformers Powercore Combiners Heavytread & Groundspike | eBay

    Next, Energon Dreadwing. This figure, repainted from Energon Mirage, has less garish colors, was less common in stores, and does not share the popping-off-legs problem Mirage had, making Dreadwing the better buy.
    Transformers Energon Dreadwing Mint Complete | eBay

    Finally, Takara's BW2 release of Starscrem and BB. This pair was repainted from G2's Dreadwing and Smokescreen, in classic Decepticon colors. Here you can have one of the highlights of G2, in good colors.
    Transformers Beast Wars II Starscream and BB (G2) | eBay

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