New auctions - Movie Premium Ratchet and others

Discussion in 'Transformers On Ebay' started by hockeygamer40, Apr 13, 2008.

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    I just put up an auction for Best Buy Premium Movie Ratchet. I decided to part with it because I will be skipped the Premium series to go to the Animated series.

    Starting last night, I will be grouping Animated figures into package deals since the figures are starting to become easily accessible by singles on eBay now.

    The shipping cost includes USPS Priority Domestic, Delivery Confirmation, and Insurance. After shipping out a bunch of stuff this week, I have a pretty good handle on how to cover the actual shipping and my handling costs.

    After Monday's first batch, I bought supplies for shipping. I am now shipping out the figures covered in bubble wrap and then shipped with packing peanuts.

    The Megatron listed is my last one, and I don't expect to get anymore before BotCon. I have 2 Starscreams, with one on eBay and another one for BC.

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