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    I forget why it's snowing right now, burning my eyes out from staring at the sun. I think it has to do with the fact that I feel so heavy, and I cant move my legs. That's weird, lights are streaking across my vision and I cant make any sense out of it. Something knocks me over and I'm looking down at myself and, oh.

    Now I think I know why I'm here. I'm covered in blood, and around my waist is a pouch with a big red cross. I'm looking around myself and realize that the blood's not mine. I remeber a young man named Travis, he was screaming and I was there to make him feel better. Except that didn't work out as planned, I'm covered in Travis' blood and plasma.

    The ground quakes below me and up coming out the snow is the face of the devil. Not the devil I was raised to fear from my mother, but one with razor edges of metal skin, metal eyes, metal teeth. This devil tries to mimic the face of one of us, I chuckle at the abominations horrible attempt. The humor must be lost it, or it's enraged at it's own failure as the thing is about to eat my face. I watch the mechanical shredders inside, trying to intimidate teeth. I laugh more at this pretender as I'm about to meet my dimise.

    It would seem that today was not day for it. The monster recoils back, and I hear thunder strike from behind me. "Parker, get up! What the fuck are you doing?" The man named Lennox yells to me, he raises his weapon to his eye and the tool in his hands thump with artifical rage. The shells melt the snow it lands up. "Parker, fire your weapon soldier!"

    I hear a man in the back question if the others will come, and some one named Big Red. Lennox yells over the rampage "We're on our own!". That's fine with me, I pick up the weapon once belonging to Travis. I will have him share in this. I hammer into the trigger, my fury louder than the rifle.

    This is my home, and I refuse to rely on the off worlders to defend it. It will be men like me and NEST operatives sending this devil back to hell.


    That's my homage to the fleshy defenders of Earth, hurrah!

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