Minor/Repaint: NEST Lockdown

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    I'm almost reaching the point where I'm running out of NEST figures to paint up. Until that point is thoroughly reached here's a renegade Decepticon whom originally got his start in Animated, now in a Bayformers aesthetic (though I read that he was repurposed into a G1 character). Either way this figure, like his Animated counterpart really stand out amongst the crowd with the voyager size height and spiky alt mode. Just like the rest of the NEST figures I've worked on, Lockdown is given a much more dirtier look, both in robot mode and as recently vehicle mode. The only thing that brings this figure down is the soft rubbery plastic on his hand and hook, which I freaking despise.

    Vehicle Mode:
    NEST Lockdown 01 by zigholtul88, on Flickr
    NEST Lockdown 02 by zigholtul88, on Flickr

    Robot Mode:
    NEST Lockdown 03 by zigholtul88, on Flickr
    NEST Lockdown 04 by zigholtul88, on Flickr

    Action Poses:
    NEST Lockdown 05 by zigholtul88, on Flickr
    NEST Lockdown 06 by zigholtul88, on Flickr

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