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    While I have longer, ongoing fics, I do occasionally have a need/wish/itch to write something a little bit less serious.

    So, here is sample one of a recent effort, posted over at Beast's Lair - in a friendly response to a great short piece, called "Marry Me" written for the Tsukihime setting.

    In the regular story, there is a certain lady who, regrettably, was missing from the group shown in that story - and who had a more tragic time.

    So, I decided to start up a splinter timeline where things go, well, somewhat differently...

    Oh, and apologies in advance.



    Kohaku was cowering nervously in the corner of the room, as Makihisa, the powerful and ruthless patriarch of the Tohno clan, stood in the centre, looking at her, with malignant intent.

    A step forward, and the Tohno patriarch began to move towards the innocent young girl.

    That is, until...

    "Me no like!"

    A massive metal fist punched through the side of the mansion and knocked Makihisa to one side, who crunched rather saatisfyingly against the farther wall. When he tried to stand up again, he looked out of the hole that that just been created, and saw... something he really wished he hadn't.

    "Just who, and what, are you?" he cursed.

    The being took the shape of a ferocious metallic tyrannosaur, fangs bared as they approached.

    "Me Grimlock, Badass!"


    That story of how me Grimlock save day.

    Now girl sit on shoulders, and cheer while me Grimlock stomp things.

    This is best time!

    Prequel is over now.

    (PS - It take long time to try write like that. Me not bother next time. If you have problem with that, try and complain. Me in mood to stomp human and drink energon... and me all out of energon.)


    Marry Me, Grimlock!

    By me Grimlock

    After me Grimlock squish bad man - him taste funny, by the way - girl with red hair and amber eyes say me Grimlock is best!

    Me Grimlock already know this, but it nice to be appreciated.

    After some Earth years - in which girl get bigger and heavier, though still small and light compared to me Grimlock - she ask me Grimlock about 'plans for future'.

    Me Grimlock plan to kick tailpipe and be badass, of course!

    But, it fun to spend time with girl - she nice and kind to me Grimlock, and me no like any other humans anyway.

    Especially boy with glasses and scar on chest. Him suck.

    So, one day, me Grimlock get visit from other Autobot - him named Hawk, also him named Metalhawk. Him have two names. Him funny.

    Him offer me Grimlock a Pretender shell - it mean me Grimlock able to walk around as puny human, as Hawk-is-also-Metalhawk can.

    Me think that stupid idea, but girl say her think it great. She ask me Grimlock try.


    Me Grimlock now able to look like this:


    Now when girl give me Grimlock hug, it feel much nicer.

    Also, she then say 'marry me, Grimlock!'

    Me not quite understand.

    She then say that if me Grimlock is king, then also need queen?

    Her smart.

    So, all come to me Grimlock's wedding!

    Or me Grimlock eat you.

    The End.
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    This is an entry in a short fiction competition - intended to be a side-story, or 'slice of life' take on another, longer (and non-TF-related) fic I have been working on.


    “I’ll be back soon, itoshii!” Sakura kissed Seonac on the cheek before she stepped out of the door. In the time since she had joined the group of friends and loved ones in London, she had wanted to spend time catching up with her nee-san. So the two of them were going to go and spend some quality time together.

    Seonac, in turn, couldn’t help but miss her when she was away – but compared to the seven months they had spent apart prior to her arrival in the UK, he didn’t mind so much.

    And in any event, he had time to work on a little project he had in mind…

    While he had been on his own, he had picked up a certain figure from an online vendor – the G1 Ultra Magnus from the Transformers: Titanium line. However, while it was a decent scale to the Revoltech Magnus he had ordered at the same time, it was a bit of a nuisance that the larger figure had the head attached to the trailer, rather than to the removable cab. Not only did it make the head stick too far forward, it meant the armour looked a bit odd if you detached the cab and tried to stand the Revoltech figure beside it.

    However, it seemed that one or two people over on one of the TF boards he occasionally visited had tried their hands at decapitating Magnus, and re-attaching the head to the cab.

    Ironically, it was only now that he had the time to try it – before this, he had been too busy working extra shifts and being buried in his studies.

    Thankfully, he thought to himself, there’s no time like the present.

    “Well, City Commander,” he said to his inert colleague, “Let’s see about a spot of re-engineering!”


    After a while, it became clearer that the effort would take a bit longer than he had hoped.

    Cutting the joint which attached the head to the trailer took long enough – since he didn’t have more professional tools to use, only a modelling knife and pliers – but doing so in a way which would allow enough of it to remain for it to be mountable on the cab’s connecting piece was tricky indeed.

    Finding out that you had to pretty much disassemble the cab altogether, remove the centre piece, turn it to face the opposite direction, drill the hole in the centre for a pin to fit, then try to piece the thing back together again… that was even more of a hassle.

    And then there was the issue of finding a pin thick enough to secure the various pieces, yet thin enough to still fit into both sides… oh, and sacrificing poor Magnus’ head movement – Seonac had to glue the head onto the ball joint, in order to keep it sturdy enough to stay put.

    You’d think one of the engineers at Hasbro wouldn’t have thought of this already, he sighed inwardly.

    Still, progress was being made, and the stage was almost set for the first test of the new head-mount…

    *knock knock knock*

    Seonac looked up, and then set the tools down onto the modelling table, as he went over and opened the door…

    “I’m back, itoshii!” Sakura was wearing a beautiful new casual dress, as she beamed a radiant smile at him.

    And while Seonac scooped his beloved into his arms, he spared a moment’s thought for his work-in-progress figure. Sorry to leave you headless, Magnus, but I’m afraid I can't deal with that right now.

    I have other priorities to take care of.
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    This is my entry for the December 2008 IDW boards writing comp - here with italics and whatnot.

    In Plain Sight

    “How is he doing, Whisper?” Caliburn asked, looking over Slugslinger’s damaged chassis.

    At this, Whisper shrugged. “Meh, what do I look like, one of those hat-wearing medi-drones?” Whisper replied, albeit with an unusually low voice.

    Caliburn didn’t mind – it was a kind of relief for his ironically-named colleague to live up to his designation for a change.

    And in any event, he had other things on his mind. “You know, I did what I could out there, but I still can’t help but feel that I -”

    “Quit it right now, ‘cali,” Whisper shushed him. “You did do your best out there, and we all know it. The only one who keeps up with this doubt about how you help us is you.”

    Even if he heard this, the self-conscious Decepticon still found it hard to accept. “Perhaps – but it still feels like it’s all I can do to aid Megatron the way I try to...”

    Caliburn, whose alternate mode took the form of a turreted armoured vehicle, partnered himself often with the Decepticon commander. Indeed, even now, he (along with Hook and Scrapper) was attempting to finalise the details necessary to allow for a helical force matrix to deploy from the aft section of his turret – to provide Megatron with a uniquely powerful melée weapon.

    Had he been familiar with a certain set of legends on another world in Cybertron’s corner of the galaxy, he may have noted the irony in this development.

    None of these upgrades could help him shake his sense of inadequacy, however.

    “You know, you’d do a lot to help by taking on some missions by yourself,” Whisper pointed out. “You don’t have to wait on his every move – and he himself would not wish to see you hold yourself back like this.”

    Caliburn shook his head. “But I can’t do any good by myself, at least not compared to how I can help him directly.”

    “Fine, I give up,” Whisper threw his hands into the air, before walking out of the med-bay. “though it doesn’t say much if Megatron puts his faith in you, when you can’t find it in you to do the same.”

    Caliburn watched him leave, sighing as his colleague’s parting words weighing down on his mind.


    Later, the cycle’s efforts done, Caliburn went to his chamber. He then went into shutdown mode, his blue optics flickering off…

    …and a few moments later, the same optics flickered on again, but glowing green instead.

    Not that Caliburn knew anything about it, however.

    The currently active consciousness activated a hidden compartment in his left forearm, and removed a small, and alien-fashioned, communication device. Once it was held forth, a cipher was entered, and the device activated.

    “Clench, report,” the holographic representation of the being on the other end of the comm link spoke.

    “The recent operation was a success,” he answered. “The Ark’s launching platform has been compromised, and the Autobots’ Terran operation postponed, if not shelved altogether.”

    The other being rotated, revealing an alternate visage. “And what of the anomalous readings near Iacon – have you ascertained the details?”

    Clench nodded. “We have an inter-dimensional guest – one who already risks revealing much about the Entity.”

    Another rotation, and a third visage appeared. “Hmm… an unwelcome factor. Keep mind of it – we may have need of you sooner than planned.”

    “As you wish,” came the response, as the holo-image flickered and went out. Once it was deactivated, Clench turned to the white device resting on a nearby tabletop, which then revealed a less innocuous form.

    “Good enough?” Clench asked.

    The other simply nodded.
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    2 updates - each from separate IDW-boards contests.

    The first:

    Mr. J

    “Drink your KeezmerK, sucka!”

    “You’re guaranteed to pity the fool who doesn’t have J.A.’s maracas!”

    “Junk Bars - Get some BOLTS!”

    And so it went.

    Jazz – or ‘Mr. J’, as his adopted persona liked to be known as – had been spending his time doing little more than over-hyped holo-vid commercials, personal appearances and the odd cameo or two, ever since his most celebrated action series was cancelled.

    While there was a part of him that relished the cheers and support he got from his legions of die-hard fans, he couldn’t help but feel that the glory days had passed – and no amount of corporate sponsorship deals could make his ember glow as brightly as it had during his heyday.

    But then, he had thrown himself so deeply into being the persona so many knew him as, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to find another way even if he wanted to.

    Thus, the cycle continued…

    …until the tipping point came at last.


    The music died down, as his entry for the celebrity edition of the latest Cybertronic idol holo-vid series was presented.

    The first of the judges to reply was his old friend, Blaster, who shook his head and raised his hands apologetically.

    “Yo, dawg,” Blaster offered, “You know I always got your back, but I gotta say, as a friend, that this… wasn’t the best performance I’ve heard this evening.”

    Before the fembot judges got to add anything, however, the notorious judge Scowl added his particular brand of insight. “I’ve heard Bat-shrikes of Nodemord with better vocal processors than yours, I’m afraid.”

    His tone of voice clearly indicated that he was not, indeed, afraid at all. “You really need to give up while you’re behind, clearly, and let us focus our time on judging contestants who have actually got some talent.”

    The sympathetic crowd booed at Scowl’s comments, even though there was a grain of truth behind them – singing was not quite ‘Mr. J’’s forte.

    However, after the show – which saw him eliminated from the contest – Blaster went looking for his old colleague.

    ‘Mr. J’ was not overly impressed. “That was supposed to be having my back out there, huh?”

    Blaster shook his head. “You don’t get it, do, ya, dawg?”

    “Get what?” ‘Mr. J’ was in no mood for riddles.

    “This kind of life… jumping from one event to another like this… I know you think you’re going good, but slag, it ain’t for you, ‘mech,” Blaster told him plainly.

    ‘Mr. J’ remained silent.

    Blaster wasn’t quite finished, though. “But, you know…”

    “Know what?” ‘Mr. J’ looked back at him, his optics betraying the doubts in his neural matrix.

    At this, Blaster smiled, and took out a card-wafer he had stored. “I think I know someone…”

    ‘Mr. J’ looked at the purple logo glowing on the side of the wafer.

    “…who just might help you find your true A team.”


    It had been all over the news feeds – at least, for a time.

    Scowl had been found by local security forces, his head severed from his upper torso, which in turn showed severe signs of blunt trauma.

    And the investigators had no idea where on Cybertron the rest of him had gone.

    However, the matter was buried almost as soon as it began, as the first wave of Optimus Prime’s public campaign of conquest broke out - and Jazz, his media persona scattered to the solar winds, rode alongside his brother into the fires of war.

    This time, to any fool who dared cross his path…

    … he showed no pity.
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    ...and the second.

    Well, that’s just…

    Universal Stream designation: Primax 409.10 Iota

    Continuity family:
    Primax (MP-A evolution era)

    Status: Ongoing

    Level of research:

    Summary: Like many streams of the Primax continuity family, this reality has borne witness to a so-called ‘Great Upgrade‘ – which has seen the indigenous Cybertronics evolve physiologically (though still falling short of true techno-organic life, let alone the later evolutionary levels evidenced by the Alternity, or by transcendent technomorphic entities).

    However, this timeline is notable for the relatively early onset of this evolution – hundreds of solar cycles before the average. This discrepancy has manifested in a number of ways, not least in encounters with sentient life on worlds such as Earth…

    Initial Report (By Minister Rhinox, Department of Higher Dimensional Sciences, Axiom Nexus): Provided in the file attached.

    Indigene Perspective [****] (Subject listed as Maximal officer Optimus Primal, recorded by TransTech operative [****] on Sol-3 on [****]):

    So, you want to know a little about our troubles with the Predacons?


    To give you an idea, let me tell you a little about my first sortie here on Earth.

    My team had arrived not long before, with orders from MCSF HQ to keep an eye out for potential Predacon trouble. There was nothing we could pick up from orbit, of course, but it paid to be careful.

    So, we picked out various alt modes for ourselves – I went for a neat Terran design, one of their flashier automotive vehicles… with a silver finish that caused my xenofauna specialist to joke that I should have picked a silverback as my alt mode instead!

    Maybe it would have been a nice choice, had we shown up on Earth before all of these humans started breeding in numbers.

    But, anyway.

    I was trying to stay somewhat incognito in the city I went to scout out first – though while my holo-driver seemed to work well enough, the part about my not noting how driving a right-hand drive car in a right-hand traffic country was something I really should have thought about more clearly.

    However, it didn’t take long for that to become the least of my troubles.

    A loose squadron of vehicles drove down one of the local thoroughfares, being careful not to set off any traffic incidents – following the rules of the road, or at least what I assumed they were (yeah, hands up, I didn’t note all that well how they varied across Terran jurisdictions).

    They were quite careful to not seem too obvious about it, but I couldn’t help but note how there always seemed to be at least one of them nearby at any given time during my circuit of the city.

    Plus, I noted that all of them were the ‘wrong’ hand drive, too.

    So, when I got to a relatively quiet industrial area along the shore, they showed up all at once, and decided to force the issue – by trying to ram me off the road. Luckily, most of them had picked alt modes with less versatility than mine, so I was able to keep one step ahead of them.

    Except for one – that damned blue sports car.

    A well-timed collision knocked me off the side of a road and into the waters, and I had no choice but to transform and climb out.

    Naturally, when I got up, the blue car had turned into a blue-and-purple biomech, with twin gold energo-swords drawn – waiting for me to get out of the water.

    “So you are a Maximal after all, yes...” he remarked.

    I sighed, as I flipped out my twin arm blasters, and said: “Well, that’s just…”

    *To be continued*
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    From yet another contest - proof of how... well, mad I seem to be.


    A ‘gift’ from the Kotobuki business empire makes an impact with the Sakura High school’s keionbu (light music club) - but is there more to the mysterious new instrument than meets the eye?

    “Oh, poor Gitaa…” The usually-cheerful Hirasawa Yui’s somber tone noted just how one of the few things able to pierce her bullet-proof happy-field had just come to pass.

    ‘Gitaa’, her prized Heritage Les Paul, had to be brought in for refurbishment.

    “Come on, now, Yui-senpai,” her strait-laced kouhai, Nakano Azusa, tried to point out. “You wouldn’t have had to bring it in if you took better care of it.”

    “Objection, Azu-nyan!” Yui responded quickly, her expressions turning on a dime. “I take great care of Gitaa!”

    Yui’s fellow Light Music club member, Akiyama Mio, sighed while rolling her eyes. “Dressing it up then lying it on your futon while you sleep does not count as ‘taking care of it’!”

    “I just hope Gitaa doesn’t cheat on me…” In Yui’s mind, ‘cheating’ involved anyone other than her playing the instrument – even in situations where she herself had volunteered its use mere moments beforehand.

    Meanwhile, another clerk was addressing the scion of the Kotobuki commercial empire. “Tsumugi-dono, we were instructed to pass this on to you – a gift from the organisation.”

    Tsumugi‘s eyebrows rose in delight once it was opened. “Aaaaah… a new keytar!”

    “Oh, let’s have a looook…” interjected Tainaka Ritsu, the club’s resident drummer. She leaned over her friend’s shoulder and saw a rather unusual design – with two sets of keys, front and back, as well as some sort of animal-shaped head on top. “I don’t know if the design on that head is a good fit for you, Mugi-chan!”

    “If you are displeased, Tsumugi-dono,” the staff member stepped in, “we can have it modified to more accurately meet your preferences. Regrettably, this version is an early model…”

    Tsumugi shook her head, as her eyes sparkled in appreciation. “I’d be quite happy to try it out, if it can help in the line’s development!”

    “Thank you most kindly, Tsumugi-dono,” the staffer offered, bowing profusely at the young lady. While she gave much of her personal time to exploring what others might consider a mundane life, no sane employee of the Kotobuki empire would dare overlook her esteemed status.

    Thus, she was allowed – nay, encouraged – to walk out of the store with an obscenely expensive prototype… and be left thinking it was the most normal thing in the world.


    Later that evening, Tsumugi placed the keytar to one side, while working on song ideas at her laptop and regular keyboard. While she wished to test the keytar diligently, she still found it more comfortable to work, headphones on, with her current setup. After a while, she found herself dozing off.

    Once she fell into a light nap, the keytar began to play a series of notes, of its own accord. At the same time, the eyes of the animal on its head began to glow. After a short while, it… spread its wings. A new, bat-like form, turned to the unsuspecting heir, then sent the first of a series of subliminal messages:


    What the intelligence driving the keytar failed to notice, however, was the series of graphs and symbols starting to appear on Tsumugi’s laptop.


    When the keytar’s sound waves were suddenly disrupted, with a new song carry over the air in their wake, things changed abruptly.

    “I like ‘Defeat Decepticon’ better!”

    The laptop fissured and re-formed into a new shape, directing itself at the keytar. From its newly-emerged yellow chest emerged a golden-coloured block, which itself shifted into the form of a ferocious metallic lion-headed guitar.

    Thus, while the keionbu’s keyboard player dreamed of tea time with her friends, a battle beyond good and evil was unleashed.

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