Customs: nemesis prime as the punisher?

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    is it just me or does optimus look like hes gone super robot in a sense design wise? i be seeing a little bit of mazinkaiser type influence in the body build folks

    im seeing something of a mazinkaiser sort of influence in the design body build wise

    while something about the chest armor screams yuusha braves(to me anyways , i know ive seen that somewhere before over the years , fighbird/dagwon maybe ???)

    given the shape of the chest armor bits , it almost looks liek he has predacon like skull mounted on his chest

    omfg it just hit me like a freight train out of nowhere people.

    give the guy a nemesis prime type color scheme and a chromed out skull for the chest armor bits and holy freaking hell that would make for one damn sweet nemesis prime.

    the basic idea being to reinterpret nemesis prime as a rogue decepticon originally created to serve megatron as a loyal assasin gone rogue.

    in his way he has all of optimus primes best qualities as a fighter a warrior a strategist and as a leader including optimu's sense of honor and fair play and compassion(just skewed towards decepticon idealism though) hes not a bad guy per say as villians go(more a anti villian /antihero then anything else guys a bit loopy in the head like deadpool(love that guy hes crazy awesome ) so anyways hes a rogue decepticon assassin tat has some sympathy towards the autobot cause in his way hes a hero in a sense but a dark one that is willing to kill his enemys, his loyalty is to the cybertronians asa people first and foremost but he has a brutal nature to his person in his way cocnering those who would make senseless war and violecne on his fellow cybertronians

    rogue deceptcons that step too far out of line like say the decepticon jsutice division and cons like overlord and galvatron are especially on his hit list so yeah hes the punisher in his way
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