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    Im looking a few miscellaneous parts for several transformers and tryin to put a little life back in some of my collection that has moved around because of having to move several time over the last 5 years. If anyone has what im lookin for and is willing to sell, just name the price and ill respond back asap.

    Here Is What im lookin for

    rippersnapper- new or loose
    Megatron- the end of the stock
    Ultra Magnus- fists for cab and trailer
    The right foot for Abominus
    Sky Lynx- the legs for the motorized body

    Grimlock-both of the t-rex arms
    Optimus Prime- the rifle and gas nozzle
    Devestator-both arm parts that connect to bonecrusher

    Beast Wars
    Depth Charge-The tail, shark gun & missiles
    Grimlock- The head shield
    Megatron- Face shield both sides

    Thanks for the help and the time to look

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