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    Hi there,

    As Australian dollar has gone through rock bottom, I thought it might be a good time to deal with people outside AU.

    Hopefully the situation here improves soon, but until then I intend to put some stuff for sale.
    Prices in US$ and include shipping to North America.

    G1 Sixliner MISB $105

    Reissue Battle Convoy (G2 Laser Prime) $95
    BattleC01 - Battle Convoy (Takara re-issue) - TFW2005.COM
    This is the photo of the actual item. Stickers allpied, a small tear on the box.
    Truly a great figure, but unfortunately I don't need 4 of the same mould.

    Junker BW Neo Arcadis and Killerpunch $27
    Arcadis missing his hand gun (he still comes with 2 wing bombs), Killerpunch missing his dino tail/missile. He still displays fine in robot mode.
    Both figures still in good condition.

    Evac, Quickmix and Thunderblast $45
    All in great condition, complete.

    Robot Masters
    Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp $50 The picture doesn't show all the null rays but they are included.
    Skywarp has a broken part mended with superglue. He transforms with no problem. SW and TC box is available with card and instruction untouched, though pins are not included. Starscream also has card and instruction.

    More to come depending on the exchange rate...
    Thank you for looking!

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