Need TF costume by feb. to chicago. willing to pay very large sums.

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    To all Interested,

    Thank you for your time and here is the deal. I need a costume, emulating G1 Megatron, by the Purim holiday that can be shipped to Chicago. The first priority is getting the costume to me by FEBRUARY 25th AT THE LATEST. It would be easier for both of us if you lived near IL, or even the midwest. The quality of the costume is also a factor. I would prefer a Radicon or a person with experience doing this kind of thing, but since i am very pressed for time and for other criteria, i am willing to sacrifice quality for arrival time. As I said, I AM WILLING TO PAY LARGE SUMS FOR A COSTUME TO FIT THESE CRITERIA. If you are interested, please comment,PM or call me (at 1-847-436-9884) and i will send you my dimentions, information and we can discuss the costume in detail. Getting this costume is EXTREMELY important and is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much,


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