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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Grandum, May 14, 2012.

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    Feb 2, 2011
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    Hey all, I'm thinking of making some space by getting rid of some extras...since I live in sweden I'd ideally like to sell it as a lot, but I wanna know what you think - what would be the best way to sell this off (again, I live in sweden) and how much do you reckon I could get for it? How should I go about?

    The ones you suspect are encores are indeed encores :p  the list is as follows:

    Takara MISB G1 Soundblaster
    Takara MISB G1 Twincast
    Takara MISB G1 Kiss player cassettes
    Takara MISB G1 Metroplex
    Takara MISB G1 Sky Lynx
    Takara MISB G1 Metroplex
    Takara MISB G1 Ravage
    Takara MISB G1 Buzzsaw
    Takara MISB G1 Eject
    Takara MISB G1 Rewind
    Takara MISB G1 Steeljaw
    Takara MISB G1 Ramhorn
    Takara MISB G1 Slugfest
    Takara MISB G1 Ratbat
    Takara MISB G1 Overkill
    Takara MISB G1 Laserbeak
    Takara MISB G1 Frenzy
    Takara MISB G1 Rumble

    Takara MIB G1 Bruticus
    Takara MIB G1 Devastator

    Takara MISB 2010 Unicron
    Takara MIB 2010 Primus
    Takara MISB Device label Blaster
    Takara MIB Music label Soundwave

    Takara MISB United Grapple

    Takara MIB United Megatron

    Takara MOSC United Rodimus Convoy
    Takara MOSC United Scourge

    Takara MOC United Tracks
    Takara MOC United Bumblebee
    Takara MOC United Jazz

    Takara MISB Henkei Jetfire
    Takara MIB Henkei Inferno
    Takara MIB Henkei Optimus Prime

    Takara MOSC Henkei Smokescreen
    Takara MOSC Henkei Sunstreaker
    Takara MOSC Henkei Prowl
    Takara MOSC Henkei Rodimus
    Takara MOSC Henkei Alert
    Takara MOSC Henkei Bluestreak
    Takara MOSC Henkei Mirage

    Takara MOC Henkei Astrotrain
    Takara MOC Henkei Skywarp
    Takara MOC Henkei Bumblebee
    Takara MOC Henkei Sideswipe
    Takara MOC Henkei Octane
    Takara MOC Henkei Thundercracker
    Takara MOC Henkei Starscream
    Takara MOC Henkei Hound
    Takara MOC Henkei Ravage
    Takara MOC Henkei Dirge
    Takara MOC Henkei Ramjet
    Takara MOC Henkei Thrust

    Takara Loose Henkei Bluestreak
    Takara Loose Henkei Galvatron
    Takara Loose Henkei Grimlock

    Hasbro MOSC Generations Kup
    Hasbro MOSC Generations Sky Shadow
    Hasbro MOSC Generations Junkheap
    Hasbro MOSC Generations Darkmount
    Hasbro MOSC Generations Wheeljack
    Hasbro MOSC Generations Scourge
    Hasbro MOSC Generations Thunderwing

    Hasbro MOC Generations Thunderwing
    Hasbro MOC Generations Scourge
    Hasbro MOC Generations Kup
    Hasbro MOC Generations Drift
    Hasbro MOC Generations Warpath

    Hasbro MISB RTS Grapple

    Hasbro MIB RTS Rodimus
    Hasbro MIB RTS Cyclonus

    Hasbro MOC RTS Windcharger
    Hasbro MOC RTS Perceptor
    Hasbro MOC RTS Wreck-gar

    Hasbro MOSC Energon Skyblast
    Hasbro MOSC Energon Ravage

    TFC MIB Classics Heavy Labor
    TFC MIB Classics Exgraver
    TFC MIB Classics Dr Crank
    TFC MIB Classics Structor
    TFC MIB Classics Neck Breaker
    TFC MIB Classics Mad Blender

    iGear MISB Classics Huffer
    Impossible toys MOSC G1 Spike
    Impossible toys MOSC G1 Sparkplug
    Yom-G MISB Classics Wheelie
    Igear MISB Generations Kup head kit
    TFC MIB Classics Gears of war 004
    Crazydevy MOC G1 Rumble upgrade kit
    Crazydevy MOC G1 Frenzy upgrade kit
    Beelzeboss MIB Classics Devil horns upgrade kit yellow
    Beelzeboss MIB Classics Devil horns upgrade kit red
    Impossible Toys MISB Classics Quintesson Judge
    Impossible Toys MISB Classics Quintesson Scientist
    Make Toys MISB Classics Hover & Bomber
    Crazydevy MOSC G1 Omega Giant's Legs
    Dr. Wu MISB Classics Upgrade Kit for Hound & Ravage
    Headrobots MOSC G1 Centurion Set
    Fans project MISB Classics Warbot Defender

    Fans project MISB Classics Stormbomb
    Fans project MISB RTS Sidearm
    Fans project MIB Classics Thundershred
    Fans project MIB Classics Backfiery
    Fans project MISB Classics City commander
    Fans project MIB Classics Trailer

    KO MISB G1 Dial
    KO MISB G1 Zaur
    KO MISB G1 Graph
    KO MISB G1 Noize

    I'd be most greatful for your input.

    PS: Also looking to sell off somewhere between 30-40 MOSC Hasbro generations scourges
  2. Grandum

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    Feb 2, 2011
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  3. SydneyY

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    Mar 29, 2005
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    That's a huge lot! I'm really not an expert on pricing, but if you want to sell them as a lot you might want to contact a vendor like BBTS and see if they want to take them. I know it depends on the freight charges, but many figures in your list are in high demand. Good luck.

    Selling stuff international is a pain. I can't even sell a Voyager to someone outside Australia - people don't want to pay $30+ on a postage, I wonder why :lol 
  4. sparkimusprime

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    May 13, 2006
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    Beachy Virginia
    Hmm... I can't imagine with such a large amount that you would have very many avenues. SydneyY has a good idea, BBTS would probably buy them all. I think what they do, though, is you ship it to them. Then they appraise it and give their offer. One offer is cash, the other is store credit. I do think that they'll give you a rough estimate beforehand, though. Another suggestion would be to break them up into like groups and auction them. You'd be shipping more packages that way, but I imagine you would get a higher return going that route.
  5. doomboy536

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    Sep 17, 2008
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    Your chances of finding an individual collector willing to take all of that off your hands at a fair price are slim to none. You can always break it up into groups, but remember that people tend to expect a discount or a deal when buying things in lumps.

    If time isn't an issue then I would eBay them one by one, otherwise contacting a vendor is a decent idea. Why not try Kapow? They're based in the UK, so shipping would be cheaper than to the US.
  6. Spawn77

    Spawn77 U.S. Marine

    May 8, 2012
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    You could also check out TFsource, they seem to buy collections also.
  7. bigkid24

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    Oct 1, 2003
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    Is your goal to maximize profit or clear up space? Profit means selling individually or in small lots. Space means selling all at once but be prepared to take a hit on selling price and/or shipping.

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