Need some opinions for an upcoming thread on my blog, regarding voice actors at cons.

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    At my blog 'The Entertainment Nut' (, I'm considering an upcoming blog post regarding what to expect if you become a famous celebrity/voice-actor, and are subjected to a fan Q&A.

    The following are what I have down:

    1) "How can I do what you do?" - the obligatory question where someone wants to follow in your footsteps...or take the bread from your mouth.

    2) "The admiring/praising compliment" - if you're a worldwide sensation, the praise can usually get tiresome (one imagines George Lucas is bored from everyone thanking him for making 'Star Wars')

    3) "The Specific episode question" - I've heard stories about this one, where fans will ask a VA about a particular scene 25 years ago, and the VA will go: 'Um, I'm not really sure. I just came in and read the lines."

    4) "The say this line for me/my friend/etc" - Suddenly, you're a bird in a gilded cage, being commanded to perform. Usually you're lucky if they are at a microphone some ways away, but some will come right up and shove a voice recorder in your face.

    5) "The proposition of sex question" - usually reserved for sex symbols or hot/good-looking persons.

    6) "The technical question" - somehow, VA's and actors are usually expected to know just how to make that computer animated spaceship work properly, or what software was used (I stand guilty as charged in asking this of the Futurama cast in 2000 at SDCC...I'll never live it down).

    That's all I have for now. Any other types of questions that you feel are common among conventions?

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