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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by ShadowStitch, Jan 13, 2009.

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    Alright Radicons... I need some opinions here...

    I have a junker Classics Bumblebee, that I'd been tampering with the parts on...honestly, not much good is left on him....the head and roof have damaged paint, the hips were destroyed as part of an earlier campaign to increase his posability (by replacing them with Xevoz joints) and the process of trying to remove all the paint from the figure destroyed the back window glass (this plastic is the kind that becomes impossibly brittle when kissed by isopropyl alcohol...)

    So suffice it to say, he's seen better days, and I really just kept him around to tamper with....maybe to someday do some sort of kitbash with, or whatever. I decided to try a little experiment, and I dyed the spare lower legs and lower arms black, just to see what it would look like. Then I attached them to my Still Intact "keeper" Classics Bumblebee to model them, and see how it looks... I thought it might be good, but... I'm coming to the decision that it's just far too flat and boring. Take a gander:



    For comparison, here is Classics Bee:


    See, the normal Classics bee has the grey feet and grey lower arms to break up the black and yellow a bit. The original BB didn't need anything to break up the color scheme because he was so simple, but on this Classics BB, he just looks....weird. He needs SOMETHING to break up the solid black. I thought about maybe doing a gunmetal wash and some silver accents on his black parts, to bring out the contrast...but I don't know if that would help or hurt in the long run.

    I wasn't in the least interested in Henkei Bumblebee until I started looking at this and thinking about it...I REALLY like the yellow forearms, and the lack of the racing stripes. (Though truth be told, I stripped the white from the spare BB's yellow parts, so technically he could look close to that with little effort)


    And then there's the Wal-Mart Bee, who shares the Henkei's yellow feet and lower arms... and I wouldn't mind having this either, except that it's packed in with two other figures I already have and DO NOT WANT...but it's a good indicator of how a little yellow in the right places really makes the mold look better.


    So anyways... I'm just trying to decide what to do...should I put the grey parts back and leave him stock? Should I leave the black feet and change the forearms back? Perhaps I can compromise, and put the grey bits back, but use the paint-stripped hood with the striped doors and rear panel? What do you think? I'm open to suggestions here, since I get overwhelmed by options and it clouds my judgment as to what looks good and what doesn't. :lol 

    (Also of note, on both of my Bumblebees and my Cliffjumper, the windshield is splitting down the middle due to the stress from the clip on the windshield holding the leg halves together...If I get a Henkei Bee, I'm going to just remove that clip before anything bad can happen)

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    to bring out the detail of the arms you can dry brush some metallic silver one the corners/edges of the arms
  3. SMOG

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    I agree... some metallic highlights might be the best route. I've been wondering how this would look myself, so it's cool that you've posted your results.

    It's hard to say... the pictures are against a black background, so it tends to downplay the contrast the black would have normally.

    I think I agree... the yellow forearms are probably the best option, and it sucks that the 3-pack bumblebee is bundled with figures that there is next to no reason to buy again...

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    How about painting some yellow on the shoulders where you have the raised molded details. Kinda hard to describe, but if you're looking at him, his right shoulder (your left side) has a sort of "F" shaped detail and his other shoulder has a backwards "F". Does that make sense? Anyway, I think painting those "F" details yellow would look cool, and break up the black nicely.

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