Customs: Need some custom stickers made for my generations leadfoot

Discussion in 'Requests' started by wasp819, May 10, 2011.

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    Hey all,
    Im trying to piece together my own custom idw style leadfoot (yeah i know he was only in about 3 pannels before "you know what happened" but for some reason i like this guy)

    Im going to use parts from 3 classics mirages to make him
    1. Hasbro classic mirage 2. universe repaint dragstrip 3 botcon blue mirage k.o

    All i need is for someone who can make me some stickers to go with leadfoot
    its nothing too fancy just some shoulder stickers, the number 93, small red waist stickers and maybe some for the spoiler and his arm pannels

    i guess they would need to be printed on clear/see through sheets (sorry, i dont know what to call them) mainly so the yellow dragstrip colour can be see through,

    Im gunna try and attatch a pic of a digibash of leadfoot so you can see the stickers im after,
    if the link doesnt work (i do have problems getting links to work) drop me a line and i can e-mail the pics


    Ive managed to upload a pic - this really is a first for me BUT i dont know how to make it bigger, you can check it out on my photobucket page markw819

    i really want someone talented who could make these for me, (ive got a printer and i can do stickers - but mine would look rubbish, i want a pro job done please)

    Im also in need of a leadfoot style head to fit the custom (needs to be about same size as classics mirage)

    Thankyou all.

    Please someone help

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