need SDCC help [a buyer], can pay in advance via Paypal

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by lastmaximal, Jul 17, 2009.

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    After exploring my options for the multiple SDCC Minimate 4-packs -- which seem to be AFX or eBay, neither of which is particularly ideal considering the extra cost isn't entirely reasonable [and AFX doesn't ship to PO Boxes] -- I find myself returning to this thread to once again ask for assistance. Anything else, should it pop up, will likely have similar shipping pricing issues.

    If anyone's going and picking 'mates up, I am in need of one each of those SDCC Minimate 4-packs.

    I will, of course, pay in advance via Paypal [just let me know where to and how much total] -- we can even negotiate a premium finder's fee or whatever for your trouble, if you'd like -- and pay for shipping to the Generally Minimate-less and Certainly SDCC-less Philippines as soon as we determine an overall weight.

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