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    OK, so I've been trying for the longest time to be able to describe a character of mine as non-confusingly as possible. (usually not a good describer) I think I've managed a somewhat DECENT description so that if I were to commission someone they'd understand what I'm going for. But I'd like as much opinions, suggestions, and advice as possible on it.

    The body type and neck length of the dragon mode I'm going for is along the lines of this (looks like it can walk on either hind legs or all fours [can be wider if called for]) Warrior, Dragon, Snow, Warhammer Fantasy Battles.jpg but with three heads (can make them as intimidating as you like. But the wings are shaped more like this since he also turns into a jet/tank hybrid the....spines? of the wings are jet jet engines/turbines much like the Blue eyes White dragon jet in the yu-gi-oh movie (if possible.

    The thighs/upper legs are the front jet/tank threads much like BW II Galvatron does. (thought of having them become the rear treads that are shaped and placed in a position much like Ultra Megatron's vehicle mode, bur not suew if that would work.) And much like BW II Galvatron's also form the feet as well as the dragon thighs and rear treads, but look much like ultra megatron's (including the whole flipping upside down to act as intakes) (do pretty much what this design does with the treads/feat. And the whole shape of the mode itself could be described as a spiritual successor to thgis minus the cockpit jutting out and a bit more sleek.)

    when he goes to his vehicular mode the dragon mode necks retract into the body making the heads the typical jet engines much like a typical fighter jet. (like in this picture but open dragon mouths in a triangular sitting position ). The wings (going into a transformation sequence here) the part of the back the wings are connected to rotates so that the wings are faced as if the dragon tail was going to be the cockpit if he was just a jet. The wings then straighten out to be like proper aircraft wings. (as proper asa dragon wings can be. I would love to have rear tank treads much like those used by Ultra Megatron's jet/tank mode that rotate, much like they seem to do, for when he flies. But I'm having a bit of a creative block on that part on just where they come from. I mean, one solution could be the just rest on his back in both bot and dragon mode much like Energon shockblasts' rear treads does (or maybe they fold into his chest). But would that be too much kibble for bot mode? I suppose since I'm thinking of splitting the dragon tail straight down the middle and have it rest on both the left and right side of his back, they could overlay/cover the treads. Or, another option for robot mode would be to have them hang off the side of the shoulders like samurai armor.

    The turret (sans the two long-ish barrels which form his double-barreled fusion cannon is shaped similar to this since it makes a shield that can attach to or be held in his left arm) I'm thinking sits on his chest in dragon mode. Either that or splits into two and rests on the sides of both dragon arms, whichever looks best.

    The double-barreled fusion cannon (think double barreled shotgun but fusion cannon that splits to form tank turret barrels [it also rests on his right arm in robot mode because tradition!] and is of similar barrel shape to this [I.E. kinda slim] ) sits on both sides of his dragon tail while not attached to the turret to form it's barrels in jet/tank mode (much like those melee weapons of Beast Wars II Galvatron's does except just a few more inches back from the tip) And when in robot mode they. I was also thinking that for the vehicular mode the dragon tail splits and forms side armor plating.

    Now as for his bot mode much like my first attempt of describing it, I want to keep the helm/crown as well as upper chest design, the way the middle head appears to just sink into the body, the wing placement, and the colors (though your free to add or alter as you see fit) grungewerxshop did Tyranitron - Commission but with the face (including expression) of this interpretation Ambition . While below the chest looks similar to this though perhaps a more layered armor look like this His main body proportions would be most similar to Overlord's. with the Galvatron abdomen squares (which by the way are more glossy and mirror-like).

    Now I had a long thought of what the dragon heads would do, mainly the ones that aren't the main head. I believe I thought of a good solution, they split along the neck the upper section shortening just enough to form shoulder pylons kinda like the drill bits of BW II Galvatron's does in dragon mode (but not as long, like maybe half the length and not quite as arched up. Possibly a lil closer to right on top of the shoulders. ). While the lower partfrom the jaw down, rotates and attaches along the sides his body with the jaws attaching to the sides of the hips. As for the dragon tail, I believe it would split apart and either attach along his back or form sheaths on his heps for his two swords which stylistically looks like the one in the right hand of this picture. (whichever works best) The only other thing that I can think of is that his arms take after samurai armor. Oh, and the galvatron gut squares, those are a must.
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