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    I have bought a G1 Hound MISB months ago from a seller in Europe and it has a sticker which I have rarely seen and would like to have more infos about it.

    The sticker is in French and seems factory applied as it is under the tape. The only place I've seen other boxed Transformers with this sticker is on (a French toy store). It roughly translates to "This product is conform with security norms - guaranteed by Hasbro". I guess they are legit Transformers and Hasbro needed to add this sticker specifically for the French market.

    Here's a picture:

    I'd appreciate if anyone could confirm this or give more infos. Thanks
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    European toys get these kind of stickers on them all the time. We do love our extra languages packaging and I guess this is just an addition without having to redo the actual packaging text. I remember G2 figures would often have extra information stickers, especially Euro-only ones that made their way from one country to another where languages were different.
    I imagine basically it's saying this toy conforms with all the toy safety regulations of France.

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