Need help with TFcon Wikialpha page.

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    As you may know Wikipedia had a page about TFcon until last year when a sweep of cleaning came through and decided it wasn't notable enough to be on Wikipedia. I copied over the old deleted article from Wikipedia to Wikialpha, another online user edited encyclopedia. I'm hoping that knowledgable TFcon fan can help expand the article and add some proof of it's notability, so we can get it back on Wikipedia. The current article is only updated to 2010. If anyone wants to edit it, check it out here:

    TFcon - WikiAlpha

    Particualrly of interest is adding 2011 information and any links to coverage of TFcon in media.


    BTW, if anyone wants to start a page on Wikialpha for other Transformers conventions, feel free. I think Botcon is the only one currently on Wikipedia.

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