Customs: Need help ID'ing a compatible paint.

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Autobot Burnout, Oct 6, 2010.

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    Hi all, I need a little help with trying to find some paint.

    First, I've noticed that the pale green paint on my Movie 1 Landmine's upper thighs is starting to scratch off, and while I'm taking care to not cause more paint loss, I'm wondering if there isn't a paint out there that I can put on to cover up those scratches.

    Second, I would like to know if there is a color that is a close match to Hasbro's infamous "AllSpark Blue". I've found that in small amounts the AllSpark Blue looks really nice as just small bits of energy in robot detailing as opposed to the blobs Hasbro puts all over certain figures, and I'd like to try using said effect on other movie figures to see what it's like. However, my closest match to the color was a baby blue that isn't the right shade by a longshot, so if there's a closer color match, I'd be grateful if someone could let me know.
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    I'm not sure about the military green, but I can say that the el-cheapo craft paint from Wal*mart has a color that is very close. I use a bottle specifically for the eyes of all of my customs. I ALWAYS use Future in addition to the paint, since the paint is as crappy as it is.

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