Need G1 Jetfire Toy Explanation

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by transmetropolitan, Apr 21, 2007.

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    MAIN QUESTION: I have a MISB G1 Jetfire and need a explanation on what causes the rectangular cardboard strip that holds the back of the jet down in styrofoam to go from white to a light bown sandpaper color. In some it happens, in some it dosen't. Unfort I'm a victim. I keep all my TF's in a dark dry semicool room and this is the only one to alter in appearance. It really really irks me cause it looks so ugly against all the creamy whiteness.

    MINOR QUESTION: Why does this toy in MISB condition garner so much money? It's one of the most prolific items in that condition on ebay. One just sold an hour ago for $2150. A gem Fort Max boxed(which comes up rarely) goes for that or less.
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    I believe it's tape and it's always that color. My Matsushiro Jetfire has only a white bar with no brown tape, while I've seen ones like you say with that color tape all the way accross.

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