Need Fans Project Superion Left Fist

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by amberbratt, Jun 18, 2011.

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    I have one with 2 right fists, I bought it at botcon in pasadena... everything is perfect except he has 2 rights, and no left! (lol)

    I love fans project! i also bought the magnus city commander armor, and that came out soooooooo awesome

    but just by any random chance, does anyone have 2 left fists?

    this has only happened to me one other time, I also collect masters of the universe classics figures, and i got a stratos with 2 left wings... so i traded a guy in the germany or switzerland for the wing, it might have even been the UK.... I dont remember because it was about 3 years ago :) 

    so if you can help me, and need a right fist, and want to trade for the left fist only please PM me...... neither of these kits were cheap, or if u have dealt with fans project and what is thier replacement policy??

    i am going to e-mail them, but if i can help someone else who happens to have 2 left fists, i hope we can work something out

    thank you :) 

    heres a pic......

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