NEED DOTM LASERBEAK and classics grimlock

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    Mar 17, 2007
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    i want to buy dotm laserbeak

    Image:D OTM MechTechDeluxe Laserbeak.jpg - Transformers Wiki

    and classics grimlock

    Image:Grimlockclassicstoy.jpg - Transformers Wiki

    any idea how much each figure goes for ?

    i dont need the box or instructions just each figure itself

    what would be a good deal for each of them?

    im collecting parts for a custom project im working on right now

    i need laserbeak and grimlock for parts

    i already got me a loose but complete classics darkmont being mailed to me through bbts and i finally got my hands on a transformers pme soundwave figure for my custom project

    as for my custom project

    it is this

    but picture the land vehicle as g1 ravage and the air vehicle as g1 laserbeak instead

    what might be a good name for the combiner form though?

    im thinking saberclaw might be a good name for starters

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