Need DCUC 12 and Public Enemies 2!! Mattel Ghostbusters for trade

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by King_Manta, Apr 10, 2010.

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    As the title says, guys.

    Looking for Mattel DC toys in trade, loose and complete is fine:

    Wave 12:
    Spectre Glow in the Dark(doesn't need BAf piece)
    Mary Marvel(both variants)(only need BAf piece from one)
    Desaad(dont care about stand)

    Public Enemies:
    Major Force
    Black Lightning
    Batman(blue)(dont need BAf piece)
    Superman(metallic)(dont need BAf piece)

    Toys R Us Batman(black bat, no oval)

    I have a loose 12" and 6" Ray for sale or trade. They're both in great shape and have just been used for display. Big Ray's box was damaged in shipping, hence 'loose'. The locker w/parts inside is fine, though. Batteries still work and everything.

    I'm wanting $47 for 12" Ray and $15 for the smaller one.

    I also have some high quality/professional standard Dc Universe custom figures if you are interested. They are the modern Dr Mid-Nite, Modern Hawkman, Golden Age Green Lantern, Silver age Robin, and Dc Direct Kryb painted to match the yellow from the Mattel Sinestro toys.

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