need clear spychangers v2, cyb menasor, destron sixwing, TFU blastcharge, reptilion

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by lastmaximal, Mar 28, 2007.

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    hey all. i need help with the following items, since the people i was dealing with decided not to push through with the deal and/or outright disappeared. would you believe more than one person backed out, over the same items? it happens.


    KB/Target Clear Spychangers v2 [red Crosswise, blue Ironhide and so on] set of 6
    Destron Sixwing reissue, regular colors
    Cybertron Menasor with Heavy Load [is this guy available in stores at clearance prices?]
    Cybertron Runamuck
    TFU Reptilion, Blastcharge
    EDIT: Energon Cyclonus purchased

    friendly prices, please. i'd prefer to get all these figures from one seller to save on shipping, if at all possible.

    i hope you guys can help. thanks!

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