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Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Josh, Oct 7, 2010.

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    Didnt see s thread for this! But anybody else pick this up?

    I've been a casual (even that's being generous!) basketball fan. Haven't followed the NBA at all since the mid late 90s but yah. I love to play It in real life! But I digress, I haven't really bought n played a lot of nba gamers but the Jordan aspect of this one totally sold me. So much so that I went n bought it first day. Usually ill wait for the price to go down to like $30 but yah.

    This game is incredible! The likenesses, play styles, moves, and everything are great! I love the classic teams! (drexler!)

    And yeah. The ai is tough. It's hard to pass sometimes and turnovers are absolutely ridiculous! It's hard to go one quarter sometime without makin like 6+ turnovers cuz they just always magically snatch the ball out of the air but.

    other than that this game is awesome.

    Ive had some trouble figuring how to get to the online mode lobbies n stuff. I did it once but I can't find it again lol. And everybody I've played with quits. Losers


    If any of yall get this we should ball it up ;) 

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