text based browser based rpg.

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    **Not Spam**

    I have been a member since 01/07 of this forum. I dont log in much, but I look at the boards a few times a week. I just dont want you all to think I am a spam whore.

    I am deeply involved with the developement of a text based rpg called nation-wars (nation-wars). It is a military based rpg.

    Simply put, you create an account, join a team, or create a team and get together as members and war each other to the top of the scores sheet. You can war, or just try to make the largest account, or team. It pretty addictive.

    Below is a small excerpt of the game description. If by chance you join you can put down that you were reffered to by me "MAGGIO" or not. The point is to get more members, and I dont get anything for a refferal anyway as I am a mod and developer.

    Nation-Wars is a free, multi-player, turn based strategy game. You will
    compete with players from across the globe to achieve victory, with a
    variety of strategies. Winning can be accomplished in many ways including
    individually, and/or as a team. You can build your account to be the
    largest or war your way to the top.

    Nation-Wars is completely browser based and FREE. There will be no
    downloads, and minimal advertising.

    The Nation-Wars game is a social RPG, which is community driven. This text
    based role playing game is complete with a working economy, 7 upgradeable
    military units, 4 major types of strategies, and dozens of military attack

    The game is full of entertaining aspects besides just playing your account.
    There are forums, blogs, arcades, sports betting, and much more. As we
    grow as a community we invite you to take full advantage of every feature.

    Don’t be intimidated to learn a new game. The Nation-Wars community has
    plenty of Tudors and people willing to teach you how to play, as well as a
    quick start guide and WIKI.

    again the link is nation-wars

    I will continue to come here and view the boards as i am a old school TF fan, and now have my kids becoming fans....TF the movie, and TF animated have helped out alot.

    thanks guys/gals

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