Mystery of Toei's Filipino branch?

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    Oh boy. This is going to be FUN.

    There's been various kinds of rumors among fans about the extent of the work of animation studios on the G1 cartoon. The classic rumor is that Toei animated all of season 1 and 2 sans "City of Steel", "The Core" and "The Autobot Run" and got then shifted out in favor of AKOM by the time season 3 rolled around.

    Here's the facts.

    An older version of Toei's website featured a resume that listed the exact number of episodes they worked on (albeit not specific episode titles). Archived version of resume for joint productions This brings us to:

    Joint productions (with Sunbow):
    Pilot episode (three parts)
    Season 1 - 13 episodes
    Season 2 - 39 episodes
    Transformers: The Movie
    Season 3 - 13 episodes

    Domestic Japanese productions:
    Scramble City (OVA, 15 minutes of all-new footage)
    Headmasters (35 episodes using all-new footage)
    Masterforce (43 episodes)
    Victory (38 episodes)
    Zone (OVA)

    So in total, this leaves ten episodes of season 2, 17 episodes of season 3 and the season 4 "Rebirth" three-parter unaccounted for. Were all of them done by AKOM? Rumor has it that season 3's "Call of the Primitives" was handled by Tokyo Movie Shinsha, resulting in the overall "anime" feel of the episode. Also, COTP uses the Studio Ox character designs rather than the standard animation models, thus making it at least very likely that another company handled it.

    Season 2... Well, animation quality is all over the place here, with the highlights being "Atlantis, Arise!" and "Auto Berserk". The three aforementioned episodes ("City of Steel", "The Core" and "The Autobot Run") are the opposite end of the spectrum and have a huge "Hanna Barbera"-esque feel to them. So we have these three episodes and seven more, such as "Triple Takeover" or possibly "Make Tracks" that have a not-so-great qality as compared to the rest of the season to them. With the three mentioned episodes all displaying the same overall "style", which is pretty distinct from anything the cartoon gave us ever since, it would seem likely that they were handled by a different studio, with AKOM thus doing the other seven episodes. But which studio did it?

    An interview with the cartoon's Production Coordinator Paul Davids confirms the use of a third studio, from the Philippines. Could it be that they handled the "Hanna Barbera" episodes?

    This is where it gets weird. Today, Monzo discovered this: Toei has a branch in the Philippines. And they list "Transformers" as part of their resume. But the weird thing is, Toei Phils didn't start operation until November 1986. Huge "WTF?" from me. Unfortunately their official website isn't of much help, as they simply link Wikipedia (!) for their resume.

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    The best, the Pacific Northwest!
    Could it be that an animation company in the Philippines did work for Toei then was taken over by Toei in 1986?

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    I already knew Teoi animated G1.
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    Reading FTW

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