my whole animated collection 290.00 for whole set

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    wells basically im ass-out, collecting ROF, animated PVC, figuarts,sentai mecha, and still animated transformers, as some of you know PVC, figuarts and sentai mecha are pricey, and now with hasbro are retain some figures, such as mudflap HA and BLACKOUT; which i was planing to order from japan.
    so i figure i have to let go of something.

    anyway im out of the city till the weekend, but whoever pm me first and take the offer by the time i get back to the city and before i change my mind. it's theirs. i will post picture by Saturday night or Sunday Evening, shipping depend on your location and base on mines 94122. and willing to take reasonable price

    p.s everything is complete, only no head master head, and shockwave is missing a finger and whoever will also get free HA SKIDS


    * Bumblebee
    * Lockdown
    * Prowl
    * Blackarachnia
    * Autobot Ratchet
    * Autobot Jazz
    * Oil Slick
    * Snarl
    * Soundwave
    * Swoop
    * Elite Guard Bumblebee
    * Sentinel Prime
    * Blurr
    * Swindle
    * Arcee
    Voyager Class
    * Cybertron Mode Megatron
    * Starscream
    * Earth Mode Optimus Prime
    * Grimlock
    * Lugnut
    * Blitzwing
    * Shockwave/Longarm
    * Skywarp
    Leader Class
    * Bulkhead
    * Ultra Magnus

    im also on such site such as rangerboard and hensionjustice and TF2005.

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