My Video Review of Marvel Crossovers Human Torch

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    YouTube - Transformers Marvel Crossovers Human Torch Review

    My Video Review of Transformers Marvel Crossovers Human Torch. Human Torch is Wave 2 of the Marvel Crossovers Line Along with Wolverine(Who I Also Reviewed), Black Costume Spider-man, and Grey Hulk. He was found at my Local Target. Human Torch(Part of the Fantastic Four) is a retool of Iron Man but really is a Original Mold. He doesn't Transform the Same as Iron Man at all. He has Similarities but he is more of a Original Mold than a Retool. He Has the Same Articulation as the Iron Man Crossover with a cool Auto-Morph Chest and Head Popping Out. Two Flame Missiles with Launchers on his Arms. He has Flame Translucent Pieces all over his head, chest, heals, and arms which makes him look really fearsome.

    This Guy is WAY Better than Expected and I like him even more than the Iron Man one. He is now in my Top Three Favorites of the line. He Really is Fun to Transform and his Robot Mode is Bad Ass! DEFINITELY PICK HIM UP!

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