Heavy/Scratch: My very own Briefcase for Brainstorm

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by SparkPlug24, Jul 17, 2017.

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    Greetings, all! Now I never thought my first posted thread on these forums would be in the Radicons customs category, but I guess life has a funny way of surprising you like that. So here I have Brainstorm's famous accessory for More Than Meets the Eye, printed out in orange PLA plastic, and designed from scratch by me in SketchUp Make. I've seen all the wonderful "3P" products on Shapeways, but because of location and budget constraints these great designs were inaccessible to me. This month, while I'm doing an internship at a local makerspace I took the opportunity to make one for myself and learn a thing or two about 3D pringting while I'm at it. Anyway, enough talk! Here are my (badly-lit) photos!

    It took two prototypes and an afternoon's worth of fine-tuning to result in this finished product, which fits nicely in Brainstorm's big ol' Voyager hand. I haven't tried the final version with other TFs that have open hands, though Swerve could almost hold the first version I printed.

    Here's a closeup. The printer at the makerspace can't extrude extremely fine, so I felt detail on the briefcase surface would not be feasible. I did manage to add clasps and an edge, and the first revised print had non-functional hinges where the handle meets the case.

    Another angle. He looks like a corporate spy ready to sell you some secrets... for the right price.

    By the way, I'm considering uploading this to Thingiverse for you folks out there with access to home 3D printers. I've got no way to monetize at the moment so putting it up for free is a lot easier than opening some online store. Thanks for giving this a look!
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    Simple yet effective!

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