My TV/Blu-ray is pissin' me off!!!

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by stprime, Jun 27, 2010.

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    Ok, so I have a 50' Samsung Series 5 LCD TV and use a PS3, via HDMI cable, for my Blu-ray player. For some reason unknown to me, a majority of my Blu-rays don't play @60Hz but @24Hz instead. I don't understand. I'll be watching special features and sometimes they'll be 60 and then when I go to the movie it drops to 24. It also fluctuates between 1080 and 1080i. I have my computer hooked up to my tv as my monitor and it's @60hz always. It sucks that I've paid for top quality (at the time) but it looks like normal or sometimes worse. Is this normal? Is it my TV,PS3, or both? Anyone one have this problem, suggestions, or solutions? Please help.
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    Its like that because thats how the content is encoded.

    Movies are done at 24fps because thats the actual framerate of film. What you see on screen is what you'll see at the cinema and your not missing anything because there isn't another 36 frames of picture. Before HD, you got the content bodged into 60hz because of the limitations of NTSC.

    Stuff is generally done in 1080i either because of how it was made in the first place or because they've already got a master lying around and can't justify the cost of redoing it in progressive.
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    24FPS is perfectly normal, and you are not missing anything.

    And if a special feature switched to 1080i, then... it's in 1080i.

    You have a great setup, and no quality is being lost.

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