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    Ok a little background info, this TF fic takes place in an alternate universe that is similar to Cybertron's story line except like Galaxy Force its sepreat from the other series (Armarda and Energon). The reason why I did this is because the Cybertron/Galaxy Force show moves so quickly they're always either off Earth or some other important event is happening. This fic takes place shortly after the Autobots get the Jungle Planet Cyber Key. Also Starscream has released the imprisioned Decepticons but they and him are still faking loyalty to Megatron. The g1 type Transformers are out dated types in the fan fic. They have access to all their powers and have some superior abilities but their shells are not as strong and are more prone to damage and use up energon quicker. Also there is no mass shifiting so when Soundwave transforms he doesn't mass shift.

    Now on to other stuff oblivusly I do not own transformers Takara/Hasbro does. Kick Speed and Roll Cage are my characters and if their names are that of existing transformers it is coinsidental.

    Chapter 1

    “You idiot! How could you forget when we were evacuating the planet?” Kick Speed yelled while she and her brother Roll Cage dodged Decepticon fire from above. Kick Speed was gold and platinum in color, gold being the primary color. Roll Cage was the opposite however both had different alt modes. Kick Speed was a hover car and Roll Cage was hover cycle.

    “Get to the base, radio Earth HQ I’ll hold these Deceptacreeps off. Transform!” Roll Cage said and transformed into his robot mode standing around the height of Bumblebee from G1 transformers. He had a face guard over his mouth and rounded helmet. His eyes were green. He lifted up his arms and shot laser blasts at the Decepticon Jet above from coils on his wrist blocks. The jet transformed and flew down at him shooting at him with finger lasers. The Decepticon was medium orange color with black stripes on its wings, looked like a classic seeker. Roll Cage locked up and right before the Decepticon connected a blow to Roll Cage five shots burrowed into its nose causing it to explode.

    “Out dated piece of slag.” Kick Speed said standing against a wall blowing across the top of her rifle. “Come on bro. Vector Prime’s waiting for us. We need to make this quick that black hole is screwing up the space around Cybertron.”

    Roll Cage nodded and quickly ran into the Building. The building was collapsing around them and a heavy slab struck him in the back but he kept running. At the last second they dove through the dimension rift as the room totally caved in.

    *Earth, Autobot HQ*

    The two Autobots smashed into the floor and skidded to a stop.

    “Heh, need a hand?” Optimus Prime said and put his hand out and helped Roll Cage up who was on top of his sister.

    “Op....Optimus Prime...sir...oh Primus, am I dreaming?” Roll Cage stammered.

    “Nope, this is the real thing little guy.” Scatter Shot said helping Kick Speed up.

    “Please don’t mind my little brother sir, he’s only self described ‘Biggest Optimus Prime fan in the cosmos.’.” Kick Speed said firmly.

    Optimus took a few steps back worried if the kid would jump him for an autograph. “Well, so I guess we should find you suitable Alt modes so you can blend in with other vehicles here.” Optimus said.

    “Actually if you don’t mind sir, we’d like to stay and fight with your team Optimus sir.” Roll Cage said energetically.

    “The team could use some extra man power around here for when some of us are off world.” Hot Shot said stepping up. “Yes with our current missions we are at a severe tactical deficiency in troops stationed at HQ when you guys are on other worlds trying to retrieve the Cyber planet Keys.” A red, white, gray and teal robot said with a microscope neck on his left shoulder.(Just like he was in G1) He was Preceptor one of the top Autobot scientists.

    “I’m not sure its dangerous...” Optimus said, his voice low.

    “Come on Optimus, Preceptor is right.” Bud said.

    “Yeah he’s right sir, we could use the extra man power.” Hot Shot said.

    Optimus sighed and said, “Fine, just do your best. Don’t make me regret this.”

    Roll Cage and Kick Speed saluted Optimus and said, “Thank you sir!”
    “Okay, given your current Alt modes I have been searching for Earth vehicles that are close to they type you have now.” Scatter Shot said as he pressed a button on panel that displayed a Speed Motorcycle and a Sports Car [basicly a 2004 Huydai Tiberon(sp?)]
    “Sweet I got dibs on the car!” Kick Speed said and scanned the hologram in. Her body then changed. Her torso, got slimmer and the hood of the car became her chest, the windshield tucked behind it. The top of the car slid onto her back with the car doors sticking out as wings. The front wheel section of the car split into the arms and the rear part of the car became her legs. The two fins of trunk became blades on her arms.

    “Sure thing sis, besides I’m keeping this as a temp form. I don’t want to be a bike anymore. Maybe this planet has something to fit me better.” Roll Cage said scanning the Motorcycle. His Shoulders became split parts of his front wheel. His arms were the side of the bike with exhaust pipes on the wrists. His legs were made from the back supports of his wheels with the wheels being split in two for feet. The main part of his body folded together, the engine area in the front, covered. His head pooped up from the bend in the seat. His Handle bars created a ‘V’ above his two blue optics. His mouth was pointed up and he had two lines from the two sides of his mouth going down to the bottom of his head. He bore the Autobot insignia on his chest plate.

    “Maybe you kids should show them around town, they’ll be on the local squad.” Scatter Shot said.

    “Alright, but none of us can drive. I thought we told you that already.” Bud said.

    “Let me settle that.” Hound said, “Kick Speed, Roll Cage please Transform.” Hound was a tan and dark brown humvee with a machine gun mounted on his left shoulder. They nodded and did so. He then projected a punk style biker onto Roll Cage’s seat and a middle aged man into Kick Back’s driver seat.

    “Get in kids.” Kick Speed said opening her passenger door and moving the passenger seat down. Coby, Bud and Lori climbed in.

    “Try and stay incognito.” Optimus said, and muttered, “Roll Cage’s gonna be the death of our secret.”

    After the two drove off Scatter Shot stood up and said, “Okay I am now taking bets on which one of the newbies will blow our secret!”

    “Put me down for 200 on Roll Cage.” Optimus said.

    “10 on Kick Speed.” Hot Shot said followed by Preceptor “30 on Roll Cage.”

    After a minute of silence Scatter Shot asked, “Anyone else?” The others shook their heads.

    Several minutes later near town.

    “Okay first rule of the road drive on your right side of the road. Also fallow the speed limits, the red sign that says ‘Stop’ means stop moving, so does a red light on a traffic light at intersections, yield means stop if any cars are coming, a yellow light means get ready to stop and a green light means go. Also pedestrians get the right of way.” Lori explained as they road into the city.

    “Got it.” Kick Speed and Roll Cage said as they speed up a bit.

    “Heh you guys call this a city? Roll Cage said as they got closer.

    “Well its more of a town than a city but hey, remember our people are a lot smaller so we don’t huge buildings like you.” Lori said.

    They cruised down the road for a few minutes then out of no where a boy stammered into the middle of the road holding a book bag.

    “GUYS STOP!!” The kids yelled in unison but it was too late Kick Back smashed into the unsuspecting person sending him flying seven feet and skidded on the pavement. His book bag flew to the side.

    “Kick Speed, pull over to the side, we’ll check on him. You too Roll Cage, but don’t transform.” Coby said.

    They pulled aside and the passenger door on Kick Speed opened and the seat flipped down. Lori and Coby ran to the boy. Bud picked up his bag. The boy seemed to be around 15 he had dyed blue hair low to his head, brown eyes, a fair skin tone, a red t-shirt with olive green pants, and wore blue and gray running shoes. He wore gloves on his hands that had black patches on them with the rest that were gray with the fingers of the gloves cut off at the knuckles of the fingers. He also wore glasses that were cracked all over now. He was also wet like he had just been in the rain. He was out cold, he had some blood on his forehead he had a stable pulse too. One thing that struck Lori as odd was that there was some deep purple mixed in with the blood that trickled from his upper lip. Also he wasn’t as bruised as someone should be. Finally, he had an Autobot insignia on a necklace around his neck. “Someone call get an ambulance here stat!” Coby yelled to the people standing on the side walk. Several people phoned in immediately.

    ~Later at the hospital~

    “Ahhh my head. When I find out who rammed into me they’re seriously beaten.” The boy said as he woke up in his hospital bed. He looked around seeing Coby and Lori in the room.

    “Your awake, finally.” Coby said.

    “What’s going on here? You guys can’t be here...this is all a dream, yeah. Or I’m in a coma from that lightning bolt that hit me.” The boy stammered and pinched his arm and said ouch.

    “Dude, chill. Nobody’s gonna hurt you, also I’d like to see you try to beat up the thing that rammed you.” Lori said getting up from her chair.

    “What did you mean by you guys can’t be here?” Coby asked.

    “You guys, are cartoon characters on a show called ‘Transformers Cybertron’ .” The boy answered moving his bed up.

    “Hmm, Transformers never heard of them.” Lori lied looking at his charts that were labeled with question marks on the heart area of his body. There was an orb with what seemed to be energy coils at the poles of it. The images were extremely blurry from interference of some sort. “Oh yeah, what’s your name?”

    “John.” the boy answered looking for his glasses but stopped when he realized he could see fine. He then asked Lori how bad his injuries were and she replied, “Not that bad, bruises and some cuts.”

    “Good, I’m leaving. I can’t stick around here anymore I see those scans are of me, and I have a spark in place of my heart. Every scientist in the country and the military will want me for experiments and investigation. If you met Optimus Prime and the others, now’s a great time to cut the act and help me outta here.” John said pulling the iv’s from his arm. The two were worried if he was delirious.

    “Look think if I’m crazy or not but I need to get out of here. Something happened, I don’t know how but somehow I got sent here. Now one last time, do you know Optimus Prime, or Galaxy Convoy. Maybe that’s what they call him here.” John said in a low, serious toned voice.

    Lori nodded and motioned to the door. They left and John got up and switched into his normal clothes. He then quickly ran out of the room. “Ok, let’s go.” Coby said. The three casually made their way out of the hospital so they wouldn’t notice them. Luckily they got outside unnoticed. He followed Coby and Lori to Kick Speed and got in the back seat. Lori sat in the front this time because Bud was already in the back seat holding John’s book bag.

    “Hey dude, watch it next time.” John said, not noticing the driver was a hologram. The three snickered as John wondered why the person didn’t answer.

    “Sorry it’s my first day on the planet.” A disembodied female voice said.

    “I knew you guys were lying with the not knowing about Transformers thing.” John said looking at Bud cramming stuff back into his bag. “Its alright, you can look at it. Actually, those are DVDs of the older Transformer series. I have two G1 sets there and a Beast Wars one I think.” John said, “Oh yeah uh....” John said but trailed off not knowing what to call Kick Speed.

    “My name’s Kick Speed. The motorcycle next to me is Roll Cage.” The female voice said.

    “Well nice to meet you Kick Speed. Okay can you like go now before they realize I’m gone.” John said.

    “Sure thing.” Kick Speed said, “Yo bro we’re leaving now. Back to base.” Kick Speed said and they both headed back to base. During the ride John started playing with his necklace and was looking at it. “Did you guys give me this?” he asked.

    “No, it was already on your neck and they couldn’t get it off. It’s like its part of you.” Lori said.

    “Maybe it’s fused with my central nervous system and serves as a hub of something. It could explain why I have a spark for a heart and perfect vision without my glasses.” John said.

    “Hey I was thinking maybe you’re a cyborg of sorts.” Bud said.

    “Huh, that’s an interesting thought maybe. By the way, how far are we from the base?”

    “Only 5 more minutes.” Kick Speed said.

    John sighed looking out of the window. “Yo, what’s wrong?” Coby asked.

    “Well my Mom was supposed to pick me up from the mall, and I was leaving the mall and got hit by lightning that must have sent me here. So she either thinks I’m dead or is still waiting for me.” John said as they drove across a bridge and into a lift.

    “This is your driver speaking we have reached our destination, Autobot HQ please keep all hands and feet inside me until I have come to a complete may now exit I wanna get outta this car form and back to robot mode.” Kick Speed said, booting the kids from her interior and then transforming followed by Roll Cage transforming.

    “Come on follow me, this way to the Med Bay please.” Kick Speed said leading tem to a room up a flight of stairs. Lori, Bud and Coby were all out of breath by the time they reached the top but John wasn't. They then walked into a room to the right where Optimus Prime, Leo Breaker, Hot Shot, Preceptor, Red Alert and Hound were.

    “Welcome back Kick Speed, Lori, Bud, Coby and Roll Cage. Who’s this boy?” Optimus said.

    “He’s the boy Kick Speed rammed into; turns out this kid has small traces of Energon in his system and a spark.” Coby said.

    “I’m assuming this is exceptionally abnormal for humans.” Optimus replied with a group “No....ya think.” following form the kids and his own team.

    “Leo Breaker could help the boy up onto the med table please.” Red Alert said.

    “My name’s John.” John replied and stepped into Leo Breaker’s hand that lifted him up onto the table. “You guys look much cooler in Real Life than on TV.” John said with the Autobots speechless.

    “See, I come from another dimension in which Transformers are a popular TV series and toy line, there have been many shows over the past 20 years.” John said.

    “Oh well I guess I should introduce my team seeing as there could be differences, I guess you know me as Optimus Prime, that’s Leo Breaker, also this is Preceptor, Red Alert, Hot Shot and Hound. Override, Scatter Shot, Landmine, Jet Fire and Vector Prime are out fighting the Decepticons who are trying to steal Energon from a mine.” Optimus said pointing to each team member as he said their name.

    “Ok, now that we got that squared away John we need to do a few scans on your body, collect some data on you and figure out if what happened to you is harmful to your species.” Red Alert said, “Just lie down on the table and stay still. Lori, Bud and Coby please leave the room. It’s dangerous for your health to be exposed to the radiation from our scans.” They nodded and left the room.

    “Ok, now this will be all done in a second.” Red Alert said as Preceptor pressed a button on a control panel which shined a yellow light down on John that went up and down him 2 times then disappeared and another yellow light came from the table and did the something as the first light. After a 3D image of his insides was displayed. It was complete with every organ that was in his body, colored and a layer option to toggle muscle visibility on and off. Preceptor studied the diagrams and circled some sections of his body, his eyes, his heart, neck and a displayed part of his skeletal structure.

    “Hmm, his blood has traces of Energon and metals. His skeletal structure is made of the same titanium ours is and the eyes are bionic. Yes, his heart is replaced with a spark. Also the neck lace is attached to his spinal cord via electrical cables. Preceptor said and when to touch the insignia part. John saw a flash of light and then black.

    “Huh? Whaaaa. Oh my slaggin head.” John said groggily as his eyes opened before they had he had a HUD running diagnostics in a odd language. His ears kicked in and he heard Red Alert saying “I’m uploading the written Cybertronian language into his memory Prime.”

    “Yes I understand after you’re done you need to fix Scatter Shot STAT, he’s hurt bad.” Optimus Prime said.

    “I can read this now, great all systems A-Ok!” John said catching Red Alert and Prime’s attention.

    “So you awake. How do you feel?” Optimus Prime asked.

    “Groggy sir. Man I haven’t ever felt this odd, why are my arms so heavy as well?” John asked.

    “Well that’s kinda expected when you’re a Transformer, you’ll get used to it. Your form must have been dormant until Preceptor touched your insignia. Also that text your reading is Cybertronian.” Optimus said walking over to John.

    The usual pieces that stuck up on a Seeker’s shoulders were down flat and rotated around to point backwards. Those two parts were silver. The top of his head was more rounded in a helmet like effect seen on some transformers, he had a horn like thing come up from his forehead and pointed back. He also had two other points to the horn that pointed to the left and right but only pointed upwards at a diagnoal and was relatively short. The helmet like part of his head was a deep blue in color and the horns was silver. His face was silver in color with green optics. John’ body was shaped like a G1 Seeker, only slightly modified. However his nosecone part of the chest was slightly shorter than normal. His Wings pointed farther back. They also had two missile launchers on the back, unloaded though. His wings were medium dark purple with a medium width silver stripe running along the bottom of his wings. His body was mainly medium dark purple but he had a silver stripes down the sides of his body. The sides of his chest (The red part on Starscream in G1.) were silver as well. His upper arms were medium purple and his lower arms and hands were silver. Each arm had a silver laser rife on them. His nosecone folded into his chest with his blue tinted hatch dead center on is chest. His waist was silver and his upper and lower legs were medium purple. He had ‘V’ shaped silver medium width stripes on his lower legs pointing toward his medium purple feet.

    John slowly sat up on the table almost falling back. “Maybe you should wait a bit.” Optimus said.

    “Thanks for the consideration sir, I think I’ll only sit up to get used to the height thing. By the way does this rectangular frame stay around my vision field all the time?” John asked.

    “Yeah, but you get used to it, your field of vision is a lot bigger now so it kinda doesn’t have an effect.” Optimus said. “Sir, if you’d rather be with your teammates and help them recover I have no problem if you went. I’m proberly not gonna do much movement for the next few hours.”

    “Actually, it might be good for you to move around a bit, get a feel for your new body. You’ve been out for about 6 and a half hours.” Red Alert said.

    “Ok.” John said and thought, “Okay push my arms up easily and stand.” He then did what he thought he stood wobbly but stood nonetheless.

    “Good, Red Alert you head over to repair bay I’ll catch up with you after we have a walking lesson.” Optimus said. “Yes sir.” Red Alert said and left the room.

    Before Optimus said anything John took a slow step almost falling down but recovering.

    “I’m basically following what Arcee told Daniel in the Transformers Movie, when he first used an exosuit. I figured this is similar.” John said.

    “Well what ever what your following, looks like its working out for you. Hmmm, let’s head to the med bay.” Optimus said.

    “Oh wait sir; I look similar to a jet right? I was looking at my Chest when I first woke up and I saw what seemed to be a cockpit.” John said.

    “Yes you do why?” Optimus asked puzzled.

    “I was trying to come up with a good name for my self; John is kinda lame for a 20 foot tall Robot that has a jet for an alt-mode.” John said.

    “Yes I could understand that, did you think of one yet?” Optimus asked.

    “Yeah, Sky Shark.” John said quickly. Optimus nodded and said, “Listen I think we’ll try and keep the fact that you are...were a human from the rest of the team. Trust me they’ll accept you better I think. Also when you were out I told this to everyone else who was in the room at the time the same to the kids.” Optimus said.

    “What ever you say sir.” Sky Shark said trying to walk again still very crude but walking. The two walked to the repair bay. It took them about 10 minutes although it should have only taken 5; Sky Shark lost his balance a couple of times and fell twice.

    “Don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it.” Optimus said right before they entered the room. When they did the entire team looked at them. Scatter Shot was on a table; his lower left arm had a huge hole in it. Jet Fire had some other dents though. Override had a small hole in her chest plate however Preceptor was filling it up. Coby was working on Scatter Shot’s arm and Red Alert was working on fixing Jet Fire. Vector Prime seemed fine though. Kick Speed and Roll Cage seemed board while talking to Bud and Lori.

    “Autobots, if I could have your attention please. I know that today hasn’t been the best of days for us...” Optimus said but was interrupted by Scatter Shot saying. “Your slaging right this isn’t one of our best days have you seen my arm?” Optimus shrugged it off and continued, “But I’d like to announce that we have yet another new member to welcome to the base. Please welcome Sky Shark. Unfortunately he will not be combat ready immediately seeing as some damage he took blanked some parts of his memory banks. So if he seems to need help try and help him please.”

    “Hello.” The entire team said, mixed tones of good mood and, you gotta be kidding me mood.

    “So what part of Cybertron are you from?” Landmine asked.

    “...I don’t really remember sorry.” Sky Shark lied. “Oh yeah what’s your alt-mode?” Landmine asked.

    “I think it’s a jet. Like the Seekers, you know Starscream and Thundercracker.” Sky Shark said.

    “Oh yeah, don’t forget Sky Warp though.” Landmine added looking at Sky Shark, “Hey have you seen that other kid that Coby mentioned.”

    “No, sorry I haven’t. Why did you need to talk to him?” Sky Shark asked wanting to get through the conversation as fast as possible.

    “Naah, just curious. Anyways the name’s Landmine, if you need anything just ask me.” Landmine said putting his hand out to Sky Shark. “Nice to meet you Landmine.” Sky Shark said shaking his hand. He got up and walked around a bit, he was getting the hang of it. He had been thinking about something in the back of his head the whole time. Man these guys have enough to worry about, I think I won’t even bother them with trying to get me back home until after the black hole has been stopped and stuff. Besides if he did get home, if it was even possible, what would he do if he was still a transformer he’d be taken to a research facility?

    “Hey where have you been the past 400 thousand years Sky Shark?” Hot Shot asked him abrobuptly after approaching him from the front.

    “What do you mean?” Sky Shark asked confused.

    “Your style, it’s old. You never upgraded did you? I can’t see why you wouldn’t that version of your body isn’t very Energon efficient. Also your base armor is a lot weaker than the new type.” Hot Shot said.

    “Yeah well I like this body, also it can do allot more than the new ones last time I checked.” Sky Shark said.

    “Like what?” Hot shot asked. Sky Shark grinned, the first time all day as he focused, though his face did not show it. His right hand slid into his arm and then a grappling hook attached to a rope of sorts on a wheel slid out.

    “So you have a grappling hook, what else?” Hot Shot said after saying this Sky Shark's right hand piece slid in and then a his right hand slid out. Now his left hand slid in and a plasma cutter with a weld setting slid out. “Using that I can open up your chasey quickly if we need to change a part or fix something on the battle field, also I can use to make a gash in a Decepticon. That would expose circuits allowing a more devastating blow from a laser blast. Heck if your lucky enough you could disable him.” Sky Shark said, Hot Shot said nothing in return.

    A few hours later Sky Shark was nodding off to what he still saw as sleep but was really just recharge mode. He was dreaming, he was back home in the back yard playing a handheld video game his mom was watering flowers. He was then heard a voice calling his name it eventually clicked in his head that it was Optimus and he activated his Optics to see him in front of him. The other Autobots were hurrying about. “What...What’s going on?” Sky Shark asked.

    “The Decepticons are attacking an oil plant we need you to help us in some way. Can you fight?” Optimus asked.

    “I guess so, I’m kinda new to fighting but I’d be useless here.” Sky Shark said.

    “Good, okay follow Hot Shot, get your guns armed and charged. We leave in 10.” Optimus said and got up and ran to another room. Sky Shark leapt up he felt this rush, he would have thought it was Adrenaline but he was a robot now so he doubted he had that anymore. He quickly followed Hot Shot to the weapons room to find Override, Leo Breaker and Hound there.

    “Okay, Sky Shark your first lets see mounted laser canons type Gamma C and two Grade B heat seaker missiles.” Hot Shot said attaching a coil to each of his arm cannons and placed two missiles in his wing cannons. After he helped out Hound, then Leo Breaker who had a standard issue gun and then Override. After unhooking the coils from Sky Shark’s . A few minutes later they were at the launch pad gates.

    Optimus Prime was standing in front of everyone facing them. Then he began talking, “This is the plan, Hound, Hot Shot, Override, Leo Breaker and I will take to the ground, we will join up with Vector Prime, Jet Fire and Sky Shark at the oil plant. Time is of the essence and we must get there quick, who ever gets there first, feel free to attack the Decepticons, however please do not harm the humans and try and keep damage to the plant at a minimum. Understood?”

    “Yes sir!!” The Autobots listening said.

    “Alright then Autobots transform and roll out!” Optimus said and then one by one they all transformed except for Sky Shark, he had tried but he couldn’t. They all got on the elevators to their exit.

    “Yeah, uhh the catapult thing, I kinda cant’ transform.....will I face plant?” Sky Shark asked Jetfire as they rode the platform elevator up to the catapult.

    “Nahh, just make sure to take off right after your let go.” Jet Fire said and a second later took off. Sky Shark put his left foot onto the launcher once it reset. It flung him forward at an incredible speed and he took off just as he reached the end. He rocketed forward at least 100mph. He caught up with Jet Fire And Vector Prime shortly after. His flying was awkward but it got the job done.

    “Got the hang of it yet?” Jetfire asked.

    “ Body mounted lasers are controlled like moving your hands right?” Sky Shark Asked.

    “Yeah, man you got a bad hit to head huh mate?” Jetfire said.

    “Yeah I really don’t remember too much. I’m just happy I didn’t forget my identity.” Sky Shark said faking relief.

    “Stay focus, we must not lose concentration or be caught off guard by the Decepticons.” Vector Prime said bluntly as they approached the oil plant. There were already Decepticons and the closest land Autobot was 3 miles back.

    “Okay, Prime told me to lead an attack on them when we got there; they’ll join in when they arrive.” Jetfire said.

    “Great a welcoming committee, Thundercracker and Sky Warp.” Jetfire said.

    “Hey what do you know the Autobots have arrived. Lets take care of these losers quickly Thundercracker.” Sky Warp said. He looked like an F-15 Eagle, and Thundercracker looked like a F-22 Raptor. Thundercracker had his Cybertron color set and Sky Warp had his classic G1 color set. Sky Warp flew forward and shot 2 missiles at Jetfire and another two at Vector Prime and flew past them. Vector Prime narrowly dodged them while Jetfire took both blasts head on and was forced to transform and was stunned. Thundercracker had spotted Sky Shark and transformed. He used his large blaster to fire off 4 rounds at Sky Shark. He dodged the first two but the third and forth hit his wings. He began to fall but recovered.

    “Nice one, at least you didn’t shoot me in the back.” Sky Shark said raising his arms he fired off several laser blasts at Thundercracker who was distracted by what he said took all of the blasts head on. As the Smoke cleared he regained his poster and called out his Cyber Key, his gun’s top and bottom opened up and the cannon barrel extended out a foot. As he did this Sky Shark switched out his hand for the grapple hook and started twirling his hand. Jetfire and Vector Prime were fighting Sky Warp in robot mode now. Before he could fire a grapple with rope spun around the barrel and he was pulled toward Sky Shark who delivered a blast from his left arm cannon into his face at point blank range. The blast knocked him into stasis but didn’t kill him. Though his face was now mangled he’d live. Sky Shark let go of Thundercracker and turned around, Vector Prime just ko’ed Sky Warp with his sword and Jetfire was looking at Sky Shark. “Nice one mate that will take care of him for a while.” Jetfire said.

    “Thanks, now let’s get down there, Optimus and the others are almost there.” Sky Shark said as he switched his grapple hook back to a hand.

    The three Transformers flew down and landed behind some oil storage tanks so the Decepticons wouldn’t see them immediately. Jetfire peaked over and saw 5 Decepticons at the Plant. They were Soundwave (G1 style), Thunderblast, and the three Inceticons, Kick Back, Bomb Shell and Shrapnel. Sky Shark ran a search for his missiles, they were active and could be used, they also had a target lock on he poked his head out enough to see Bomb Shell and targeted him, his right missile flew up and into the air it then flew right at Bomb Shell’s head.

    Kick Back saw it and quickly said, “Bomb Shell watch out, everybody protect the Energon cubes.” The Decepticons took his warning how ever Bomb Shell met Mr. Missile anyways and was knocked down into stasis.

    “Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy eject. Operation destroy Autobot intruders” Soundwave said monotone like always and ejected the three Cassations that split up and searched for the Autobots. Meanwhile Sky Shark’s Spark was racing as the other Autobots arrived and transformed.

    “So you started the party without us guys?” Hot Shot said.

    “Yeah who trashed Thundercracker?” Leo Breaker said as Jetfire, Sky Shark and Vector Prime came form their hiding spot.

    “That would be Sky Shark, he also just smashed Bomb Shell’s face in.” Jetfire said, as laser fire flew at them.

    “Great now lets stop these guys.” Hot Shot said and fired off several lasers from his wrist blasters at Soundwave.

    Thunderblast had transformed and dove into the water out of view while the others were busy. Rumble, Frenzy and Ravage pounced on Override knocking her down from behind. The Inceticons fired off blasts from their guns hitting Prime, Leo Breaker and Vector prime. Hound had kept Soundwave pinned down with his machine gun. Override rolled and slide kicked the three cassations.

    Sky Shark brought up his arms aiming his arm blasters at Shrapnel. Again he aimed for his face. Just as he got both reticules over his head he was blasted to the ground by 2 plasma blasts from Thunderblast’s cannon. He pulled himself up and spun around to see that she had already fled underwater again. “For head’s up guys Thunderblast’s underwater so keep on your toes.” Sky Shark told the team who didn’t seem to hear him. However a few seconds later he heard Hound stop firing and a splash in the water. He moved behind some cover while the other Decepticons were distracted and aimed at Soundwave this time and fired. Instead of aiming at his head he aimed his chest window. One blast hit it at an angle and repelled into a stack of Energon cubes that exploded causing a tank to blow up setting the place on fire. The second blast had hit dead on and knocked him on his back.

    Optimus stopped firing and transformed into his super mode he flew out over the water and took in some water in his cannons. Meanwhile Kick Back yelled to his comrades and over a com link, “Decepticons retreat, retreat! The Energon cubes are destroyed and the place will blow soon!” He picked up Bombshell and Soundwave got up. “Frenzy, Ravage, Rumble, return.” The casseticons ran to him and transformed into tapes and went into his now cracked Chest.

    Sky Warp luckily was going back online and heard the retreat notice and how Kick Back seemed startled at it. He was out about a mile back but could see the smoke in the air from the fire and then saw Thundercracker a few feet from him. He grabbed him and flew into the air grouping up with the other Decepticons before going though a warp gate back to their base. Optimus at that time had been just finishing putting out the fire on the oil rig and said, “Autobots transform and roll out.” Optimus said and transformed everyone else except Sky Shark transformed and headed back to base. He had to fly back in robot form much higher than the others so the humans wouldn’t see him. Luckily the same was for Vector Prime and Jetfire but they were in their vehicle mode.

    “Nice job, you took out 2 Decepticons today and injured another. Smart move aiming for the head. I guess you already heard of Bombshell‘s cerybroshells.” Jetfire said.

    “Thanks something you learn from playing a lot FPS, headshots are devastating.....I meant from having a mentor that specializes in sniping Decepticons.” Sky Shark replied, almost slipping on the being a human once secret. Optimus then clicked on over the team radio.

    “Good job Autobots, we did good out there today....except for the fire which almost blew our cover. Anyways I liked to thank our air support team for disabling the welcoming party and Bombshell. Also I‘d like to thank Sky Shark for warning us about Thunderblast and Hound for keeping her busy.” he said.

    “You’re welcome sir.” Jetfire, Hound, Sky Shark and Vector Prime said.

    The whole time they flew back to base Sky Shark kept his eyes ahead, never down. He didn’t wanna see how high he was with nothing to distract his attention. He didn’t like heights if there was nothing to keep his mind off of it and he could see the ground bellow. He looked to the side and saw the sun getting low in the sky, what time was it? He lost track, the battle couldn’t have gone on that long, but then again add in the time taken to get there and back to the base. The rest of the trip back was relatively quiet everyone. The sun was just going down over the horizon as they reached the base. Before flying down into the base Sky Shark stopped and looked back over the town. His optics were fitted for low light vision so he could see very clearly even in the dark. He paused fore a moment and flew down into the base. The others had just got in. Kick Speed was walking into the room looking like she was gonna turn around and rip Preceptor's head off who was talking about their defense systems in scientific language. “Preceptor for the last slaging time, I don’t need to know everything thing about the defense systems. Just tell me how to work it and that’s it. If you don’t I’ll go Sharkticon on you.” She said cracking her finger joints.

    “There is no need to resort to such violence I thought it would better help you understand the systems.” Preceptor said before Optimus imitated a human with a clearing throat nose. “Sorry sir!.” they both said in unison. “Did the mission go off well?” Kick Speed asked.

    Optimus looked at his troops and said, “Yeah what do you think, it went off better than planned. Our newbie Sky Shark here put Thundercracker and Bombshell out for at least a week and injured Soundwave although he did cause a fire thanks to a stray laser blast.”

    “For your information it ricocheted.” Sky Shark said in an upbeat tone.

    “Hey those humans left, anyone up for some Energon drinks?” Kick Speed asked.

    “Only those of you who don’t have night duty, that would be Hound, Kick Speed, Leo Breaker and I. Sorry to kill your hopes for tonight Kick Speed, maybe tomorrow. Alright, everyone head to the dining hall and then have a nice night. The others headed out but Sky Shark stayed behind.

    “Sir, would you mind if I asked you a couple of questions.” Sky Shark asked.

    “Go ahead and would your not use sir all the time, I mean it’s a thing of respect I know, but we’re not like your military.” Optimus said.

    “Well I first off, when is lights off. Also, umm how often do we need to consume Energon and could you ask Red Alert to check out my structure tomorrow, for some reason I can’t transform.” Sky Shark said in a slightly nervous tone.

    “We don’t have any really when you need to recharge and rest just head to your quarters and go into recharge then. If your ever feeling drained or hungry just have some Energon, its food for us don’t worry either we put in any needed instinct coding while you were out. However most of us tend to sleep at night since nothing really happens then. Now go and hang out with your Autobots, oh yeah I just remembered I need to officially enroll you to the team. I wasn’t sure of you at first but after today’s performance I’m sure you’d make a fine Autobot, if you want to join as a full fledged member that is, I could understand if you didn’t.” Optimus said.

    “Would I...thank you sir... I mean Optimus thank you I won’t let you or the team down.” Sky Shark said energetically.

    “Whaoo there calm down you don’t want to blow a fuse.” Optimus joked and said, “I’ll call you guys to the main room in 20.”

    “Thanks again.” Sky Shark said and ran off to catch up with the others. He followed the group when they reached the hall he noticed some other transformers that he never saw before.

    “Oh yeah these guys are the civilians they come here at night if they want to get out of vehicle mode, they can also get a place to rest as well.” Hot Shot said to Sky Shark as he began to ask the question he just answered. They all sat at a long table, Jolt and the two other Minicons were there already and seemed to be waiting for them to get there. “Red Alert, Scatter Shot and Roll Cage just left guys.” Jolt said.

    “Thanks for telling us. “ Hotshot said and got up “I’m going to get our meals, anyone care to help?” He asked. Sky Shark, Hound, and Kick Speed got up. The meals were some Energon cubes some varied in color slightly, different tones of pink some violet in color and a canister filled with liquid Energon. They sat down at the table after passing the meals out to everyone at the table. The other Autobots started eating the meals. Sky Shark was slightly hesitant but eventually started eating too. It tasted odd but refreshing.

    “Man you should have seen Sky Shark out there today guys he blasted Thundercracka in the face. I got a glimpse of it, man he dropped like a stone.” Jetfire said.

    “That was for every poor spark in the universe that had to hear his voice for more than half a minute.” Sky Shark joked, Hound replied with an, “Amen to that.” Everyone at the table except the Minicons and Sky Shark looked at him. “It’s a human thing I picked up...” Hound said. Sky Shark had been scrolling through his menu systems and found audio play back function. Instead of closing the menu(this is part of the HUD) he accidentally turned it on and track 3 of the Transformers the Movie soundtrack started playing loud enough for the whole hall to hear it. He franticly try to turn it off. “Hound how do I turn off my audio play back mode?” he asked quickly.

    “I think you need to wait for the file to end.” Hound said, another random Autobot in the hall screamed “For Primus’ sake turn that music off its depressing the heck outta me!”

    “It’s not my fault! I‘m trying.” Sky Shark answered back.

    “What kind of Autobot doesn’t know how to turn audio play back off?” The same Autobot retorted.

    “One who got a hit on the cranium and loss some memories and you’ll find out if ya don’t shut it.” Sky Shark snapped back. Some of the others chuckled it was one of those few times when two transformers bickered in public.

    “Will you two please shut the hell up!” A third transformer yelled. As he did Sky Shark finally turned off the playback. Optimus Prime’s voice came over the intercom and called all active non civilian Autobots to the main control center. Sky Shark, Jet Fire, Vector Prime, Hound, Leo breaker, Kick Speed, Preceptor, Hotshot Jolt, Six Speed, and Reverb all got up and put their trays away and left for the control center. When they arrived Optimus was there with the rest of the team. They all saluted and stood at attention all facing Optimus prime who was next to a computer and had couple of open cases on a table.

    “Thank you for getting here promptly. Now; Kick Speed, Roll Cage and Sky Shark please steep forward.” Optimus said. They did immediately, Optimus continued on, “We are here today to welcome in three new members of the full time Autobot team. Kick Speed, Roll Bar and Sky Shark are you all ready to accept the responsibilities of being a non civilian Autobot?”

    “Yes we are.” They said in unison then Optimus continued, “Do you swear to uphold and honor the Autobot code and morals? Also do you swear not to betray and or do any harm to your team willingly?”

    “Yes I do.” They answered. “Then I hereby deem you part of the Autobot army. Welcome to the team.” Optimus said and took a medium sized Autobot Insignia out of the first case and handed it to Kick Speed who put it on her chest. He then took out two small Autobot insignias and handed them to Roll Cage who put them one on his shoulder and another on his left side of his torso. Finally took out two large one s and gave helped Sky Shark put them on his wings.

    “Thank you sir!” The three said in unison again. Optimus then entered their names in the database. “Okay, Kick Speed you’ll bunk with Override, Roll Cage you can bunk with Scatter Shot and Sky Shark you can bunk with Hot Shot.” He said, “You are dismissed, those who have night duty can stay, the rest have a great night report back here at 600. Hound, Kick Speed, Leo Breaker and Optimus stayed behind and the others headed to their private lounge.

    End Chapter 1

    Please leave comments, and please tell me what you liked and didn't like as well. I Know this is extremely long chapter but this fic will be a 3 to 4 chapter fan fic with chapters around this length due to that reason I will post these chapters in sections so it should only be a week or so untill my next update max.
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    Here's the first part of chapter 2. Also I know I have other transformers using the combaticons names and that's for a reason which will be revealed either twoards the end of chapter 2 or at the early part of chapter 3. In this continum Evac doesn't know exactly where the Earth Planet Key. Please leave comments, if you could tell me what you liked or didn't like I would apreciate it. Also a cookie to a the person who can geuss which TV show is being commented about in this part. Oh yeah one more note I read on Thunderblasts profile thing from the cyber key code thing on that she was confused for one of the sirens by aincent people. That's what the don't play tricks on humans thing is about at the end of this part.

    Chapter 2: Shocker

    “Hey what time is it?” Sky Shark asked as they walked.

    “2000, we have 12 hours until we need to report.” Jetfire answered. Hot Shot who was next to Sky Shark whispered “We have 26 hour day, our new day starts at the human’s 3 am PST time.”

    “Sweet thanks.” Sky Shark said as they entered the lounge. It was a very large room about the size of the command center maybe slightly larger and was a more boxed shape there were Transformer sized chairs and couches, a Giant television and what looked like a stereo system the room was the standard chrome steel but this room had a tint of teal to its color. There was also a bar in far end of the room.

    “Nice room.” Sky Said.

    “Yeah it is this is our main group area we come here to kick back, relax. Have some fun laugh at how odd the humans are at times or tell old war stories....or in Override’s case old race stories.” Hot Shot said.

    “Hey how come we all speak the same language?” Sky Shark asked, “I mean Override and Snarl are both from different planets and I’ve heard that there are over 50 languages on this planet alone.”

    “See the ships we arrived on contained data disks, containing or history, or language, culture, everything.” Override said, “Of course our cultures did diversities and adapted to the environments of the planet.” Sky Shark nodded and said, “Thanks for telling me.” He noticed Scatter Shot had a dozen drinks set on the table. They were all of the standard pink Energon color but they had a more oil like tint to them. They were in clear glasses that were square. He assumed it was easier for them to grasp box like items due to having large steal hands. Inside he knew he was wrong though.

    “Alright everybody there’s plenty to go around so drink up.” Scatter Shot said. Everyone grabbed a glass and took sips of it now and then had turned on the TV to watch a human Sci-Fi. Sky Shark almost exclaimed that they had the exact same show in his dimension but stopped himself.

    “Man these humans are idiots. A device like that would require an entire power station to work it.” Hot Shot said.

    “Yeah not one of the human technology power plant but a Cybertronain city Energon plant instead.” Scatter Shot added.

    “Lets not analyze it to death; hey can we change the channel to the news?” Sky Shark said.

    “Nah, the human news is always the same, some one is killed, some trial is going on, then weather, then sports then its over. This is a time to kick back and not be sad or anything like that so we barely watch it. You can always view it on your personal computer in your quarters.” Scatter Shot said.

    “Sweet.” Sky Shark replied then drank the rest of his Energon drink. After an hour or two everyone was goofing around playing charades which wasn’t working out too well seeing as 90 percent of them were totally overenergized(or whatever their version of being drunk is).

    “Ohh Oh! You’re a bufli.” Scatter Shot shouted, at Sky Shark who was imitating a butterfly. Slurred words on top of his accent made Sky Shark not to understand him and say, “Nope.”

    “Sky Shark he was trying to say Butterfly.” Jolt said who totally sober.

    “Oh ok then your right.” Sky Shark said and slightly staggered back to his chair as Scatter Shot got up and took his turn.

    ~Meanwhile at Decepticon HQ~

    “All I asked…was for a team of my men to get some Energon quickly and get out. Do it quietly so Prime doesn’t hear about it. Where the orders not clear enough do I need to beat it into you? Any human beings you encounter are to be terminated and a single barrel to be destroyed with them near there. Then you take some Energon and leave and blow the rest of the place up. The humans think it was an accident and no witnesses to call the military.” The Decepticon leader Megatron said low and serious growing more infuriated in his voice tone as he spoke.

    Well boss the fleashlings are too small to see depending where they are.” Kick Back tried to explain.

    “That is why Soundwave and the Casseticons accompany you.” Megatron said and whirled around to Thunderblast. The leader’s glare was only intensified by the fiery area’s lighting.

    “And you, I told you to sneak behind Prime should he and his team show up and blast him in the back to incapacitate him so his team has to retreat and take their leader back to base. Explain yourself fem.” He said cold and firmly in a tone of voice to strike fear into the listener.

    “Well there was this Seeker like jet aiming at Soundwave’s head and I couldn’t let him be sniped.” Thunderblast said.

    “Don’t lie to me, the Autobots have only two planes that Vector Prime who’s based on an unknown type plane and there’s that one that’s bomber.” Megatron said.

    “Excuse me for speaking out of turn sir but in her defense there was a newbie there today…actually I don’t know if newbie is a word to describe him. This guy knew us, I mean he was able to take down Thundercracker with little issues, the others told me he took out Bombshell with almost no thought before hand, and this guy knew that the glass plating on Soundwave was weak.” Sky Warp said in his usual gruff medium deep voice.

    “No, Prime would never put a rookie on the front line against you guys…but forget about that. If you find him I order you to kill him. I don’t want to take any chances. The Autobots already have 3 planes if you count Prime, I don’t want to risk losing air superiority. Is that understood?” Megatron said, the Decepticons responded with a yes as Starscream a red, blue and part gray alien jet warped into the base and transformed. He held a blue and gold chip like item in his hand.

    “Megatron at last I have found the Earth Cyber Planet key.” Starscream said handing the key to Megatron. He felt the item and then scratched it up and down, paint quickly flaked off to show steel under it and weld marks where the design pattern connected to the rest of it. He tossed it aside and glared at the Air Commander. “How dare you try and pass off a fake as the real thing. From now on check first you moron. Do this again and I will rearrange your face personally. Now get out of my sight.” He said.

    Starscream turned to Thunderblast and said, “I would like to have a word with you Thunderblast if you are not busy.” Then he headed out of the main room. Thunderblast then left the room to follow after him.

    “Ok men get these two to repair bay and fix them up. And remember anyone who can find a way to remove Thundercracker’s accent gets to lead the next mission.” Megatron said pointing at Thundercracker and Bombshell who were just thrown on top of each other like the others didn’t care.

    Meanwhile Thunderblast caught up with Starscream they walked for a little while and entered a storage room.

    “You wanted to speak to me sir?” Thunderblast asked with a slight hint of fear in her voice.

    “Yes I’ve been noticing you seem to be acting too loyal to Megatron lately also the way you talk about him to yourself sometimes makes me wonder about your loyalty to ME.” Starscream said to Thunderblast in a very serious voice.

    “Oh Starscream you know I’d never betray you. I mean after all you did free me from that ice prison and all so I’m in your debt.” She said in a sweet toned voice as she lied. The Air Commander became very irate about her blatant lying, disrespect and the way she talked him and the punched her causing to fly back into a steel wall. “Listen to me fem and listen well. Blast Off has informed me of your disloyalty to me and frankly if you do it again I will kill you. You’re like all other fems that ever joined us. Something in your spark make you unloyal for some reason you either feel that your needs are more important or you defect to the other team because of ‘morals’ or slag like that. Now I’m giving you one last chance and if you disobey me again and I will slag you.” He said fiercely.

    “Yes sir…but sir I have a question. Where do you base your prejudice on female Decepticons?” Thunderblast asked trying to get him to not think about her.

    “If you must know I have served with some, all defected or went a wall. Then there was one, a fine assassin, she dropped 10 Autobots in Iacon city in one day and never once was seen but then Megatron gave her the ultimate mission, kill Optimus Prime. She took the mission but never returned and never came back. Two days later we found out she aborted it for some reason and turned her self over to Optimus Prime himself and told him why she, a Decepticon was there that day. We assume she was killed but we don’t know. If she is alive we will kill her when we find her. That is what caused me to realize fems should not be trusted in the Decepticon ranks.” Starscream said as an off short yellow jet Transformer who had a black head and two purple optics with a coal gray face opened the door to the to the room and said, “Sir is there anything you need to be done?”

    “Yes go help Blast Off and Brawl at the volcano base on Earth. And you Thunderblast, get over to the Mediterranean Sea and look for the Cyber Planet Key, it is curtail to my plan so if by some stroke of luck you find it take it to me immediately. And watch what tricks you pull on the humans, they’re idiots.” Starscream said.

    “True, but its funny to watch them to keep coming towards the rapids even after hearing the stories. Well see ya in a bit sir.” She said and went through a warp gate. Starscream then left the room to go for his lab.
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    Love your story , when you going to post the next chapter

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