My Top 10 Transformers of 2009

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by rherk, Dec 24, 2009.

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    The Top Ten Transformers of 2009!

    I cannot tell a lie. This has been the most disappointing year for Transformers since Transformers Armada. I know there are a lot of fans of the Transformers movie toys and I recognize that the movie has ushered in many new fans and I am happy about that but the toy designs are not my thing. As a matter of fact, I despise them. With that said, I still recognize the great attempt the designers made with what they had to work with. Last year, we had a variety of lines to collect with Animated, classics and whatever outstanding products Takara Tomy was producing but 2009 was virtually Revenge of the Fallen or bust. This was the most difficult year end Transformers list I had to put together and not in a good way. I would have much preferred that there were so many good products that it was hard to narrow it down to just ten. In this case I had a difficult time finding ten items outstanding enough to make the list. Nevertheless, there were a few gems and I recognize that. Without further adieu, here are my top ten Transformers of 2009.

    10. Animated Samurai Prowl - Just as 2009 began, the Animated series was ending. Samurai Prowl is an amazing feat in engineering. I love how the designers was able to take an existing toy, make a few tweaks and provide a sidecar that becomes armor. This is a unique Transformer. Samurai Prowl, although cool, probably would not have made the list from previous years but in such a thin year, he becomes a stand out.

    9. Leader Class Revenge of the Fallen Optimus Prime - In my original review, I pretty much trashed this toy. The transformation was clunky and difficult and Hasbro apparently forgot to finish painting this guy. With that said, I am amazed that the designers where able to take the complex design of the robot and actually find a way to make this transform and still make it fairly movie accurate.

    8. Animated Wreck-Gar - Another Animated tail-ender. Wreck-Gar is one of those robots that I always wanted to see re-done. This Animated version is very well done and matches his cartoon look spot on. Like Samurai Prowl, in a better year, Wreck-Gar may have been side lined.

    7. Human Alliance Bumblebee - I had high hopes that the Human Alliance series would be the second coming of Alternators. It is far from it but with that said, HA Bumblebee is one of the best movie styled Transformers to get released. This is a great toy with a fun transformation and a nice looking robot. When I first got this, I was far more excited about it than I am now (having recently revisited it). Nevertheless, it is still one of the better Transformers to come out this year.

    6. Alternity Megatron - You can usually rely on Takara Tomy to pick up the slack from Hasbro's miss-steps. Alternity is the best series to come out since Binaltech. The Alternity Megatron depicts this baddie as a samurai warrior. I like the refreshing update. This figure is loaded with die-cast metal, detail and a fun challenging Transformation. It could have perhaps faired better on this list if it didn't share a similar aesthetic to the Alternity Convoy that was released just a couple of months prior.

    5. Universe Classics Inferno - I have never been the biggest supporter of Universe Classics. I feel Hasbro took far too many shortcuts with the series. However, when I got Inferno, I had a new respect. Inferno really harkened back to the original Transformers look with his boxy shape. His transformation was great as was the sculpt. His head design is one of the best I've seen in years. The only real improvements that I could see is perhaps the water launcher could have been a latter instead.

    4. E-Hobby Exclusive Masterpiece Black Convoy - I had mixed feelings towards adding this to the list because this mold has been around for some years now but in such an empty year it was hard for me to ignore this beautiful repaint of my all time favorite Transformer. '

    3. Alternity Bumble/Cliffjumper - I, like many Transfans was on the fence about this design. It looked okay to me but I wasn't 100% about it. Once in hand, all my concerns were gone. These are amazing homage's to everyone's favorite penny racer robots.

    2. Alternity Convoy - I know a lot of Transfans have issues with Optimus Prime being anything but a semi truck but for me, I welcome this version of the Autobots leader. I personally always wanted to see Prime as a fast sports car and Takara truly delivered. With Binaltech now gone, Alternity is king. Whether you prefer this mold in red, silver or black is your prerogative. Either way, this is one of my favorite Prime's ever.

    1. Masterpiece Grimlock - They aren't called Masterpiece's for nothing. Takara comes through with another brilliant addition to their Masterpiece series. This is easily the best Grimlock toy ever made and easily my favorite Transformer of 2009.

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    The Netherlands
    Sorry you don't like the movie toys. Without them, there's indeed a big gap to fill..although I must say that we have been spoiled by having three lines (Universe, Movie, Animated) running alongside each other last year. So I don't really think we should complain about this year.

    Anyway, here's my top ten (in no order, but numbered anyway):

    1. ROTF Leader Buster Prime
    Very accurate toy in both modes, on a level that probably many people thought couldn't be achieved with the complex movie robots. Hard to transform, yes, and thus difficult for kids, but for TF fans in general, very, very fun product. Also, Buster paintjob and gun add to the awesomeness (+faceplateless..but you either love or hate it. I love it)

    2. ROTF Human Alliance Bumblebee
    Yes, human allies! And the best Bumblebee up till now, as well!

    3. Alternity Convoy - small but high quality!
    4. Alternity Megatron
    5. Universe 2 Cyclonus
    6. ROTF Human Alliance Skids
    7. ROTF Deluxe Arcee - I really, really don't understand why people hate this toy! I think it's a cool design, nice shade of pink too (haha girly!), and the fact that she hangs to the side doesn't bother me at all.
    8. Marvel Crossovers Captain America (one of the very few decent Crossovers IMO)
    9. ROTF Voyager Megatron. Yeah, he has back kibble, and he's green...but so much nicer than the leader figure AND accurate tank mode..sweet! Love to fiddle with this guy!
    10. Animated Samurai Prowl - awesome armor add-on, and it's not even a partsformer!

    Sadly, I haven't got Masterpiece Grimlock or Alternity Cliffjumper (yet), so I can't put them on the list.
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    Ah, I have to remember what all came out in 2009. In no particular order:

    - Encore Cassette Big Mission #3 - I'm probably not getting this until the middle of next week (TFSource just shipped it yesterday/today), but am still definitely looking forward to it. I love the Cassettes and never thought I'd have a complete set of them, since the Rumble/Frenzy mold was rumored to be lost. These Cassette packs were a great idea for reissues and I hope Takara does some more.
    - TFA Samurai Prowl - Prowl on his own is a neat figure and the samurai armor upgrade was very creative. I was surprised at how well-engineered it was, staying attached well and not getting in the figure's way much at all.
    - RotF Voyager Bludgeon - Just got it recently, but already blown away by this figure. The engineering is excellent, the design is creative and it has a ton of character. Absolutely perfect.
    - FP Superion Upgrade kit - I enjoy the Energon combiners a lot but the hands have always been weak and Superion was the worst of the lot. This set significantly improves the aesthetic and play value of both the combined form and the individual robot form. I'm really looking forward to the Bruticus upgrade.
    - RotF Deluxe Sideswipe - Probably one of my favorite Deluxe molds of all time. Looks great in both modes, captures the character very well, great engineering and poseability. The one minor flaw is easily fixed (the chest not pegging down tightly).
    - RotF Voyager Demolishor - I know this isn't a popular figure, but I love it. The aesthetic is unique, it has a fun transformation and is surprisingly poseable. Really shows off the imagination and variety that the Movie lines bring to the franchise.
    - HA Bumblebee - I wasn't too interested in the HA line until one of my co-workers (a car nut, but not a TF fan) bought it and highly recommended it. I have to agree with him and I'm glad I bought it. Excellent idea, well-engineered and a lot of fun.
    - RotF Bruticus Maximus - As noted, I really like the Energon combiners and Bruticus was always my favorite. This release gives them a much nicer colour scheme and fits in perfectly with my Classics shelf.
    - RotF Scalpel - I'm a scientist and I love the microscope alternate mode. I actually have two of these; one I keep at home in robot mode and the other I keep in microscope mode at my lab.
    - RotF Ejector - A creative toy with loads of personality.

    Honourable Mention - Encore Cassette Big Mission #2

    Notable omissions - MP Grimlock (waiting for the Hasbro version), TFU 2.0 Cyclonus (got very late in 2008), TFU 2.0 Inferno (got very late in 2008).
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  4. ErechOveraker

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    "the most disappointing year for Transformers" and you still list all those great toys? Wow, no pleasing you, is there? ;) 
  5. Shockscream

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    10. RotF Deluxe Sideswipe: Far superior to the Human Alliance one and the figure that caught me by surprise with his awesome when I bought the first RotF wave.
    9. RotF Scout Ransack: Lovely little thing. He delights me when I gaze upon him.
    8. Encore Bruticus: I was lucky and have very little mould degredation on mine. I love him and he is a worthy replacement to my now long-lost G1 Bruticus.
    7. Alternity Megatron: Should only be bought in silver!
    6. Alternity Convoy: Should only be bought in red!
    5. RotF Voyager Starscream: Fantastic thing. Shame his awesome will be diminished when the Leader graces us.
    4. Universe 2.0 Cyclonus: Oh, now this is good. Very good. I spent hours just transforming him and took him to work with me when he came.
    3. RotF Human Alliance Bumblebee: A movie Bumblebee I actually wanted!
    2. Masterpiece Grimlock: Hard choice to put him at number two, but he just misses as Primes are inherently cooler than all others.
    1. RotF Leader Optimus Prime: Fan-bloody-tastic!
  6. Dally

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    Good list. Out of the ones I have:
    10. ROTF Leader Jetfire
    9. HA Skids
    8. ROTF Voyager Long Haul
    7. Hasbro MP Skywarp
    6. Animated Wreck-Gar
    5. Animated Samurai Prowl
    4. HA Bumblebee
    3. Alternity Bumblebee
    2. ROTF Leader Optimus Prime
    1. Masterpiece Grimlock
  7. Rattrap Primal

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    Woodbury, NJ
    10) ROTF Baron Von Ransack and ROTF Sideswipe
    9) Universe Cyclonus
    8) Universe Hound
    7) Universe Sideswipe/ Sunstreaker/ Red Alert
    6) tie. Henkei Thrust and Dirge (who said that we'd never own all 6 Seekers)
    5) Perceptor Reissue
    4) Universe Prowl/ Bluestreak/ Smokescreen
    3) Universe Ironhide/ Ratchet
    2) Reissue Insecticons
    1) MP Grimlock
  8. Waverider

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    I have to disagree with your post. IMHO, Hasbro is still releasing toys in 3 different TF lines. It was a great variety to chose from with different characteristics. Takara in the other hand has provided collectors some great stuff for the collectors. The Alternity and the Henkei lines is a good example. Again that id my opinion and here is my list in no particular order.

    ROTF Buster Optimus Prime
    TFA Samurai Prowl
    ROTF Superion w/ FP appendage kit
    TFU 2.0 SDCC exclusive Soundwave
    ROTF HA Bumblebee
    ROTF HA Skids
    TFU 2.0 Cyclonus
    TFU 2.0 Inferno
    TFA Blurr
  9. Lock Cade

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    Here's my top 10, in no particular order:

    1) ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime
    2) Animated Electrostatic Soundwave with Ratbat
    3) Human Alliance Sideswipe with Sergeant Epps
    4) Universe Hound with Ravage
    5) ROTF Fallen
    6) Human Alliance Bumblebee with Sam Witwicky
    7) ROTF Interrogator Barricade
    8) G1 Reissue Perceptor
    9) Animated Samurai Prowl
    10) ROTF Ravage
  10. Cyber-Kun

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    Well, here's my top 10, based on toys I've gotten that have come out this year (no particular order):

    1) ROTF Leader-Class Optimus Prime - Masterpeice Level, it does have a low amount of paint, but the sculpt and complexity make up for it
    2) ROTF Scout Ransack- such an unlikely alt-mode, and the robot mode is so quirky and full of personality, I love the little guy
    3) Animated Wreck-Gar- Fantastic screen-accuracy, and loaded with character, he's one of the best Voyagers of the line
    4) Universe Cyclonus- Very streamlined robot mode, good alt mode, AND a targetmaster? Awesome!
    5) Universe Classics Dinobot- Ok, so his robot mode isn't very articulate under the waist, but the fact they made a Dinobot look onscreen with a workable transformation astounds me. The colours could have been better, but you can't have everything.
    6) ROTF Thrust- nice to see a different style jet, with a different transformation with very little kibble in alt mode, for a deluxe! I also think the repaint is better then Breakaway
    7) Animated Swindle- Again, great accuracy, packing in extra weapons, and fun transformation into a solid SUV. Not to mention a great headsculpt that even has the "cat eyes" molded in the plastic
    8) ROTF Ice Cream Truck twins- Not perfect, but a great idea. 2 bots, both decent scouts, combine into a pink ice cream truck? Its so zany its awesome!
    9) ROTF Legends Optimus Prime- really, really fun legends with a surprisingly accurate (as far as Legends go) robot mode. Lots of fun to fiddle around with.
    10) ROTF Scout Detour/Deadend- articulated jaw, dramatic poses with open hands, he's a transformer vampire!
  11. knoted

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    Feb 13, 2009
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    To me, 2009's the BEST year since 1984 ! :p 

    My list consists of stuff I own, stuff I should have bought, (but haven't yet) and stuff I got this year but wich was actually from an earlier year.

    # 1 ROTF voyager Starscream ; is what brought me back to the fandom ! I bought like...7 of them !
    I think I actually still prefer this incarnation over the Leader class previews.

    # 2 D04 Henkei Ramjet ; yeah yeah, I know...he's a 2008 release actually, but I finally got the opportunity now to get him.

    # 3 ROTF voyager Megatron ; customized, that is. As stock version he is very good imo, but not GREAT. I made him into Dark Destroyer Megatron; now he's GREAT :D 

    # 4 ROTF deluxe Breakaway ; a lowbudget, offscreen, sleeperhit flying Autobot ! Like voyager Megs, he required a bit of my modding to receive my full affection too.

    # 5 Universe 2.0 Starscream ; a 2008 release too, no ? Like Ramjet, I got my hands on this one in 2009. Awesome seeker mold, just awesome.

    # 6 a NON-TF ! ; Destroyer | Gobots ; 1984/85 nostalgia all over. I once had him when I was the 6 or 7 year old kid in 84/85, but that one somehow got trashed. Come 2009 ; I finally found a complete MIB Destroyer, including a fresh decal sheet ! One of the rubber tank treads is in a dire, decomposing state though... :( 

    # 7 ROTF deluxe Sideways a beautiful mold. But, just like in the movie, he kinda fades into the 'background'.....

    # 8 I do not own the new Insecticons reissues ; they should be in my 2009 list though.

    # 9 I do not own ROTF deluxe Dirge yet, but I should...and then customize him like Eisen did ; who made it his superb custom.

    # 10 Universe 2.0 Sunstreaker ; also donater of fist molds for my Dark Destroyer Megatron...
  12. starsaber888

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    Mar 18, 2009
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    my top 10 TFs purchases for 2009:

    1 MP04 prime
    2 henkei hound
    3 henkei thrust
    4 city commander set re-release
    5 henkei cyclonus
    6 MP thundercracker
    7 FP superion kit
    8 ML soundwave
    9 henkei red alert
    10 henkei inferno
  13. Rodimus Mike

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    Mar 31, 2005
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    NE Texas
    Now my top 10 of 2009 are:

    10.Animated ROC Optimus Prime because I paid $20 for him,worth that but not for $50
    9.Universe 2 Blades paid $11 for one,then went back and bought another for $11,very
    cool G1 Homage.
    8.ROTF HA Skids,this one outdoes HA Bee totally,bring on HA Mudflap.
    7.ROTF Ransack just the coolest basic ever,but he is just placeholder till the Red Baron
    repaint gets here,then that will be the coolest.
    6.Universe 2 Sideswipe and Sunstreaker (they are the same mold).
    5.Universe 2 Hound w/Ravage,so G1'ish its amazing.
    4.Universe 2 Cyclonus,wow I nearly flipped when I found him.
    3.MP Hasbro Skywarp,the second best MP ever.
    2.ROTF Leader Optimus Prime,this thing is even better than MP Prime,Movie accuracy
    all the way.


    1.MP Grimlock,have waited years for this,and I have to pick him up and fiddle with him
    everyday.Takara made him a Legend,this will be one figure always remembered.
  14. Prime Noble

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    Mar 9, 2008
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    In no particular order:

    ROTF Dirt Boss

    ROTF Nightbeat, love the car mode and the colour scheme. Just a pity he's not got a G1-esque head.

    ROTF Stratosphere

    ROTF Desert Brawl, I know he's a repaint of a 2007 toy but it's a nice figure and I love the colour scheme. Just wish they'd have homaged RID Armourhide since both are repaints of a Brawl toy and share the desert camo colour scheme.

    Classics Nemesis Prime, great toy and the tech specs reference the Marvel G1 comics.

    ROTF Ratchet, the non-transforming, poseable version. He's closer in scale to the Scout cars and he's my favourite Movie Bot. Love the voice.

    ROTF Superion

    Classics Silverbolt, I know he's not 2009 but I bought him this year and love him. One of my favourite G1 Autobots.

    ROTF Reverb, because he homages that cool Gobot my best friend had when we were kids.

    ROTF Dune Runner - because all the cool movie toys don't appear in the film and I love Scout cars.
  15. Deceptigtar

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    Here we go in no order, it is hard to decide and I am going off of new figures, not repainted from different series re released in a new line.

    ROTF scout Ejector (He has his own thread!!!)
    Animated Leader Megatron
    Alternity Megatron and Black Convoy
    Amazon Black ROTF Leader Prime, this is the one I have but the mold is soooo nice
    ROTF HA Skids
    Animated Shockwave
    UNI Cyclonus/Henkei
    ROTF Voy Bludgeon
    Henkei Clear Starscream
    UNI Darkwind or Skyjack

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