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Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by Xformermike, Jul 1, 2011.

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    Possible spoilers.

    So I went to see Dark of the Moon two days ago... To put it as simply as possible- It was better than the second movie and a little better than the first one. It was easily the best in the series.

    However as we all know everything is relative and this movie would never stand up to something like Dark Knight or even Ironman in terms of quality of story telling and characterization. The recent X-men first class had more intelligence and kept my interest way more than DOTM.

    There is something VERY FORMULAIC about bays films that leaves me so bored I just want to sleep. There was more of a focus on the Transformers in Dark of the Moon... But barely! They still hardly even talked to each other and it's THEIR movie! The only conflict was between Sentinel and Optimus... And Megatron remained a useless character with very little involvement in the movie until the end when he effortlessly killed Sentinel.

    Basically this movie left me feeling disappointed. Again.

    Dark of the moon felt like the other Transformers films. It lacked the heart that a Transformers film should have... and it just wasn't something well done or intelligent. The characters sucked- I didn't care about them. There was no relating to the Transformers. It felt like a hack job. I do think they put more of an effort into making this better than ROTF- but I think they still failed. It just wasn't a good movie.

    Having Michael Bay direct a Transformers film is really like having a stupid jock join the chess club in high school... It just doesn't make sense and he's bound to fail. I look forward to the next installment (should there even be one...) and I hope that the choice of director is given a hell of a lot more thought next time. I hope it's a more intelligent and creative director. (Not just some guy who is good at "gettin' er done.")

    To everyone that enjoyed it... I'm truly happy for you. I wish I had.

    To everyone that didn't... Maybe they will give our decerning eyes a better movie next time, but for now- I guess we can just keep watching Beast Wars reruns.
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    When i was watching the movie and the humans exiled the Autobots, i nearly started to cry. After the film ended i realised it was because i was scared we would see even less of the Transformers, lol.
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    The whole trilogy has been a huge disappointment for me.

    I remember watching the first movie and basicly going....that was it? The Transformers were barly in it, there was no real fight between them,the big named Decepticons showed up in the last 20 minutes only to get killed, and I really didn't like Starscream design...

    Second movie was better on the robot battle scenes and robot screen time in general, but the robots were again a C story in their own movie and everything felt like a huge jumbleded mees, and every thing that was hyped up ended as a disappointmen. Devastator - letdown. Fallen - letdown, Megatron - Fallen's bitch seriously only thing I liked was the forrest fight.

    Dark Of The Moon - DEEP WANG!

    Reboot! PLEASE!

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