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    just saw it today,(i know,i'm late), and i have to say, i give it 8.5/10!

    its better, way better, then the second movie without a doubt. is it the best? to me, arguably it is on par with the first movie. some scenes during the Chicago battle took me back to the first movie, which was a good thing. now about the deaths:

    ironhide's death was sad, seeing him rust away.
    Que's death was also touchingly sad, begging for his life.
    Starscream....I LOVED HIM IN THIS MOVIE! when he dropped from the sky and said "what i treat!" when seeing sam and carly, it reminded me of transformers:p rime's starscream, especially all his whining about being shot in the eye. that ENTIRE SCENE i found funny. his death did not annoy me at all, it was rather amusing and cool.
    Soundwave's death was "meh" to me. he was awesome, but went out kinda easily. it didnt annoy me though.
    Lazerbeak dying was also "meh", but he was cool
    Shockwave was a beast. awesome. it took every soldier and autobot to take him out. his death wasnt annoying, he went out like a true villian, taking EVERYONE to beat him.
    Megatron's death annoyed the hell out of me. it was far too quick for a main character.
    Sentinel deserved to die, so i didnt complain when i saw prime blast him.

    despite the pointed out flaws, this movie isn't bad at all. it had story, emotion, and NOT background characters this time. as far as the dark tone goes, i barely felt it, even when humans died. the only parts i felt it was depressing was when the autobots were leaving, Que died and Bee was next, and it was like an "oooohhh" moment when you see the soldier fall out the building before shockwave's closeup.

    all in all, the movie was very well done. 8.5/10

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