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    My thoughts on:

    Orphan: an incredibly exciting thriller that will leave you speechless at the end when the twist comes

    Best scenes: when the mom kicks Esther into the ice pond at the end, when the mom bitch slaps Esther in the hospital after Daniel goes into cardiac arrest, and when Max pushes Esther from killing Daniel after the treehouser is burned down

    Sorority Row: a really good horror film with bloody killings, hot girls, a great plot and great dialouge. A little slow in the beginning.

    Best scenes: When Claire is killed with the flare gun, and you see the explosion, when Chugs is killed with the bottle shoved down her throat, and when Garret stabs Megan with the tire iron.

    Your thoughts on these or other movies?
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    I didn't think Orphan was that great a movie in and of itself, I guess it had a pretty interesting twist, and it at least wasn't a formula that's overused. The best part of Orphan for me was making fun of it with friends and a few beers, but that's still a pretty good thing for a horror movie to accomplish.

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