My TFTM, CYB, EN, CL, ANM, ARMADA Sales Thread!! (Pic Heavy)

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    My TFTM, CYB, EN, CL, ANM, ARMADA Sales Thread!!

    Will ship to anywhere in the U.S. or CAN

    Buyer pays for shipping!

    Will ship multiple item purchases with only one shipping charge!

    All Prices Negotiable!

    All items are loose, and have all accessories (i.e. weapons, minicons) unless stated otherwise.

    All items have been transformed a minimal number of times.

    All items were brought right after first release, so older figures may have more paint wear, but again this would be minimal.

    PM Me if interested, or if you would like more pics!

    MOD Note: I didn't attach thumbnails since I have an album of these pics on my TFW profile. I hope this is acceptable.

    TFTM / ROTF: (Will sell as lot for $85)

    Barricade: $8

    Wreckage: $8

    ROTF Sideways: $8

    Kickback: $8

    TFTM Optimus Prime: $ 20

    Sideswipe: $8

    Ratchet: $10 (Missing Front Grill)

    Ironhide: $15

    Bumblebee: $8

    Jazz: $8

    Classics / 2.0:

    Grimlock: $8

    Galvatron: $8

    Cybertron: (Will sell as lot for $30)

    Soundwave: $12 (pegs broken on right arm - doesn't affect playability or transformation)

    Scattorshot: $5

    Crosswise: $8

    Ransack: $5

    Thunderblast: $8


    Omega Supreme: $ 30 (Missing side flap on ship cockpit) SOLD
    Prowl: $5 (Missing Weapon)


    Tidal Wave: $20 (Missing Missiles)
    Cyclonus: $8
    Wheeljack: $8

    Beast Wars: Transmetals 2:

    Dinobot: $6 (Shoulder Chrome Wear)
    Cheetor: $5 (Missing Missile)


    Ratchet: $8
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