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    Het guys this is a scene,from a stopmotion I'm enjoy.and I'm only be easy

    *bumblebee is to excited to hear optimus.optimus and the other autobots charge after bumblebee.bumblebee stares into the steam,he starts to wonder what's taking so long,when two red lights side by side appear in the steam,bumblebee already knows what they are and nearly goes into cyber-shock from being so frightened.bumblebee runs away as *fast as his feet can go,screaming at the humans.*

    Bumblebee:run!!!!!!humans run away

    *bumblebee is to late,galvatron emerges creepily from the ships entrance and blast bumblebee in the legs with his cannon.bumblbee's right leg falls off and his left is merely dangling off a thick black wire.


    *sideswipe runs faster to bumblebees aid as fast as possible,faster than any other autobot has ran before,so fast he runs over a couple humans.galvatron walks over to bumblebee who is limping for his life*

    Galvatron:weak autobot

    *bumblebee is so frightened he can hardly talk,he only gets out a few words* you!!!!!!!

    *galvatron doesn't respond.he picks up bumblebee by his left leg,and prepares to rip him in two.bumblebee screams galvatron begins to tear bumblebee.bumblebees chest pops,and he screams.sideswipe skates below galvatron and uses his cybertanium swords to slice galvatrons abdomin.*

    Galvatron:ahhhhhh,foolish autobot

    *galvatron releases bumblebee in the air.sideswipe catches him and takes him to ratchet*

    Sideswipe:he's hurt bad ratchet!!!!!!!!!

    Ratchet:I see....I'll have to take him back to base for repairs!!!!!!!!!!

    *rachet transforms and rushes bumblebee to the autobot base to repair bumblebee*

    Ratchet:your gonna be alright buddy!!!!!! g-gonna....die?

    Ratchet:don't speak of foolish thoughts bumblebee...your gonna be fine

    *galvatron holding his abdomin,orders cyclonus and scurge to attack*

    Galvatron:minions attack,ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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