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    Transformers Revenge of the Fallen
    Part 10

    “Omega, set ratchet joints! Restart the hydraulics, ignite engines!” Blurr roared. His hands and fingers were zooming so fast; even Blurr couldn’t seem them. As fast as he could, his old friend Omega Supreme would not awake. Although it had been thousands of eons since he even transformed, Omega could still function as a warship. But in the situation that the Autobots were in, it was vital that the ancient guardian provided his true help. Right, now I need Springer to get Omega’s joints moving. Suddenly, the ship took a shuddering shake. Shoot, we can’t take so much of a scratch, not now! As he turned, he saw that the attacker was Bruticus.
    “Springer, cover Omega for me!” Immediately, Blurr zoomed through the windshield, crashing into Bruticus head-on. Gathering as much strength as he could, Blurr threw Bruticus away. Jumping back, Blurr saw that Springer was nowhere to be seen. Where could she be? Piloting Omega as best as he could, Blurr slowly stopped Omega from crashing. Suddenly, another tremor shook the Autobot. Instantly, Blurr knew he could relax, for Omega was awake. Panels shifted to reveal circuitry, turrets appeared and lasers were shown. Soon, Omega Supreme hit Earth with thunderous force. Blurr quickly left, grabbing Springer’s unconscious body with him. As he touched the ground, he gaped in shock. All the fighting had stopped.
    “I am Omega Supreme!” The warrior bellowed, shaking the earth. Decepticons raced to engage this powerful enemy. Omega easily swiped them away. Soon, Bruticus and Construticus leapt out of the fray. Lifting both with his hands, Omega threw them with more than just ease. As he walked, the entire ground shook. No Decepticon, not even Megatron, could defy him. Suddenly, lightning crackled in front of Omega, setting any small robots on fire.
    * * *

    The Fallen emerged from the fire, eyes filled with wicked hatred. His fiery spark ignited through his pitch-black armor. His face was contorted with eons of death and destruction. Another powerful blast shook the earth, setting a portion of the Autobots on fire. In the Fallen’s hands was an enormous twin-handed blade. The sword was literally an inferno.
    “Omega!” The darkness called. Shadows erupted around the Fallen.
    Something about that being sounds familiar. It’s Fury! Blurr thought. Springer groaned. Magnus ran and leapt to her side. Hot Rod went as well, concerned.
    “Blurr, go, go, GO!” Magnus bellowed. The entity of the Autobots followed, pooling their firepower together. Blurr dodged and sped towards Omega, suddenly confronted by the Fallen.

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