my tale-razorjet

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    The character is based upon classics loc fireflight and BW razorbeast. this should be the first in a series depending on feedback and whether i have the time
    My tale-razorjet

    I cruise above the city below, deep in thought. Human children point up at me and watch with wide eyes. They think I am higher that I am, but in reality, I am only about 150 meters above their heads. Even the budding pilots would think I would be higher, should they see me from the ground. But in reality, I am a minibot. A small transformer, pondering whether to accept the position the council have offered me as a spy as such on earth, as the bulk of the earth transformers return to cybertron. Earth doesn’t want us anymore. It would be fun reporting to the council and then watching earth delegates squirm as they try to come up with an excuse or a cover-up to what I have delivered. It is either that or a maximal upgrade and get even smaller. Heh. Easy choice.
    I land back at base and roll into the hanger, where my RC clone as such is being made. It is there so I am accounted for by the humans. I had already accepted before my flight, and was just pondering it again. I smile (sort of, cos I have a mouthplate see) at preceptor, who is busy perfecting the automated control program for the clone.
    ‘Hey, you still sure about this razorjet?’ Magnus calls to me as I enter his office. He has clearly noticed my drone like state as I let my mind wander. I answer him as I turn away from his new ‘maximal’ form, a polar bear, and shudder. I know that Magnus doesn’t like it himself, but his leadership style is to lead by example. I prefer the old Magnus. You see back on cybertron, before the great shutdown occurred after Megatron and optimus were lost, you did as Magnus said or he sent you to med may in itty bitty pieces. And you didn’t get replacement parts. If it was un-reparable, you had it melted own then re-forged. You simply had to deal with it.
    Geneva, a few weeks later…
    I soar above the site of the spacebridge. Or rather space bridges. It seems the humans want to be rid of us ASAP. Probably so they can activate the robotech units they have been testing behind our backs. The tech is probably from the mausoleum that we let them guard before we sent it off into space. That contained the bodies of friends killed by a virus taken from the American military when the Decepticons had long since been driven away.
    The last transformer is leaving now. Magnus I think. Time to screw the humans over.

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