My take on "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen".

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by protocida, Jul 9, 2009.

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    Loved the movie (It's an 10/10 for me), but, if I could, I'd change some things. As everyone creates threads like this, I figured I would too. Here's my take:

    The movie begins with Optimus Prime's introduction speech (A longer version of RotF's one). While Optimus talks, we'd see Earth in all it's glory, and, without cuts, dwelve into it, to find a group of cavemen hunting an sabretooth tiger. It's the past. The hunt would eventually led them to a cliff, were the tiger would be cornered. As Optimus says "We came into a shocking discovery", an giant metal foot smashes the tiger. The cavemen look up, as we see the Fallen, with Optimus closing words: "Our worlds... have met before". Cut to black.

    2009. Shangai. The chinese government evacuates the city, who's streets are filled with panicked people. An TV Broadcast reveals it's because of an industrial accident. The TV who's broadcasting the information is inside an black SUV labbled "NEST". An radio trasmissions give the soldiers inside it, all armed with Sabot rounds, that the mission is a go. SUV's and helicopters fly by the city, all belonging to NEST. Inside one of the helicopters, Major William Lennox and Master Sargeant Richard Epps tell other soldiers the target has created an Decepticon community on an abandoned factory, and that they have been hunting down all it's members. The target is the last one standing. According to the Autobots, his name is... Demolishor.

    The soldiers prepare an stealth attack, but Epps detects something on his termal reader. An second Decepticon (Sideways), who managed to stay covered from them. Sideways storms out the factory, revealing to Demolishor the soldiers presence.

    Demolishor transforms and storms out of the place, heading for the city. Ironhide and Ratchet chase him. Lennox tells the other Autobots, Arcee, Jolt, Sideswipe, Skids and Mudflaps, to intercept Sideways.

    The Twins fail to get in and end up fighting among themselves. Arcee and her sisters follow him, but he evades them jumping from an building. Jolt assumes the chase, and manages to slown down Sideways with his electro-whips, but Sideways also evades him by forcing him against an store. Sideswipe enters the frame, and chases Sideways. They argue during the chase, and Sideswipe eventually destroys Sideways with his blades.

    Ironhide and Ratchet attack Demolishor on a highway, but he's too powerful. Optimus Prime enters the frama, jumping from an airplane, and knocks Demolishor out shooting his gears. Demolishor falls and, as Optimus, Ratchet, Ironhide and the NEST soldiers watch, he profetizes the return of the great Fallen, before going offline...

    In the suburbian, Sam Witwicky prepares to move to New York, where he'll head to Princeton's University. His parents, Ron and Judy Witwicky, are sad, yet happy. Sam starts to pack, when his girlfriend, Mikaela Banes, calls him. She's working with her father, Cal, in an repair-shot. She's sad he's leaving, and says that, as soons as she gets the money, she'll move to N.Y. to live with him. Sam is happy. Going threw his clothes, the finds an Allspark shard who got stuck in his jacket during the Mission City incident. Sam touches it, and his mind is filled with Cybertronian symbols, and an "tatoo" appears on his arm. He drops the Shard, and it falls in the kitchen, bringing five eletrodomestics to live. Sam runs to the kitchen to retreive the shard and scares the kitchen crew, who attacks him. He runs outside and takes cover with his father. Scared, he calls for his guardian, Bumblebee, who transforms and destroy the robots, but ends up damaging the house. Sam tells Bumblebee to hide before the neighboors see him. He does so.

    The firemen arrive at the house and end the fire. Sam finds the shard and hands it to Mikaela, who just arrived at the house, worried about the shard. Sam's mother calls him and tells she has had enough. It's not the first time Bumblebee wrecks the house, and she wants him out. Sam argues, saying he can't take him to N.Y. because of the college's policy. Judy doesn't care. Sam must get rid of Bumblebee.

    Sam enters the garage and tells Bumblebee to drive him to a desert place. Bumblebee takes Sam to the place where he tried to help Sam to get Mikaela for the first time. Sam tells Bumblebee he can't stay with him anymore. Bumblebee is as crushed as Sam. Bumblebee drives Sam back to his house and goes away, as Sam watches. His parents call him. It's time to go. Sam says goodbye to Mikaela and leaves. She also leaves, with the shard, as Wheelie watches her. He reports back to Soundwave.

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